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How to Recover Deleted Files

recover deleted files How to Recover Deleted Files recover files 300x178An erroneous deletion of your files from a device may be frustrating enough!These may be memories in picture formats, work files, projects or big plans.

There are various scenarios that may cause you to delete your files, say by accident, knowingly or unknowingly. It is obvious that you cannot delete files you want to use in the future.


What Happens When You Delete a File?

Most files are usually deleted from a computer or other capable devices. The Operating system of your computer uses pointer as a directory of where your file is stored. Deleting a file removes the pointer and marks the sector as available. The sector remains available until new data is placed on it. During this time, your files are still recoverable before being overwritten.

While there are third party software that can help you recover your files, its always recommended to contact experts on recovery of deleted files. Data Recovery NYC offers such services. The reason for contacting the experts at the first instance of your recovery is because some third-party software may overwrite some files and make it impossible to restore your files.

Solid state drives; its crucial to note of the current trends in SSDs, Modern devices are using TRIM-enabled SSD.[i] Deleting a file on such a drive permanently erases the file and cannot be recovered. This is because the SSD architecture consists of flash cells that data cannot be overwritten on, but instead, it erases existing files.

Recover your deleted files as soon as possible before overwriting it with new data.

Avoid deleting your files

  • To begin with, enable permission settings to grant or deny other users from deleting the files without prior permission.
  • You can hide sensitive files from other users
  • You may also password protect your files using third-party tools

[i]TRIM is a command with the help of which the operating system can tell the solid-state drive (SSD) which data blocks are no longer needed and can be deleted, or are marked as free for rewriting.

Why Data Recovery 47 Is An Industry Leader

Data Recovery 47 – An Industry Leader With Track Record of Success

At Data Recovery 47, we understand how important our mission is. All of us, in all phases of life, rely on digital and electronic data storage, in ways both big and small. Our most cherished memories often live in our phones or on our laptops. Important documents are saved on hard drives so we can get to them in a moment’s notice. So many of us rely on these technologies not just for our livelihood or as a way to earn our living, but to keep us connected and close to those we love. 

These technologies, as wonderful and convenient as they are, are not foolproof. Sometimes they fail. We trust them to do the task we’ve charged them with, but they don’t always work. In fact, when they break, the results can be disastrous.

When those moments hit and you think all hope is lost, that’s when it’s time to reach out to Data Recovery 47. This is what we do. We have over three decades of experience in the technology management field and we were founded with the sole purpose of a streamlined data recovery service. We are dedicated professionals who put our expertise and know-how to use every time we take on a project – no matter the size 

Why trust us? Here are just a few of the many ways Data Recovery 47 can work for you. 

We invest in research and development – Technology always does one thing – change. It can happen slowly or (more likely) quickly, but it never stops. Neither do we. We put time, effort and resources into research and development. We are cutting edge because we have to be. What worked last year may not work now. And what works now is going to look different soon enough. We have been around long enough to know research and development must always be a key driver in moving forward. We partner with companies large and small to make sure our team can anticipate trends and be ready for what’s next. 

We have a full stack lab and reinvest in the best specialists in the industry – Our technicians are the best. Simple as that. We hire the best, give them the best tools and technologies and tell them to get the job done. If you are going to trust us with something precious, then we are not just obliged, but duty bound, to complete the work with efficiency, professionalism and, most importantly, care. We stand by our tech and our people, because you deserve the best service. Our lab is the best in the business and allows our team to work in a place where the only priority is fixing your storage device.

No data. No charge – We will do everything we can to restore your data. We have decades of experience at our backs and we understand the tech we’re working with. But in the rare case that retrieval is not possible, there is no charge for the work we did.

Our quality is high. Not our prices – We offer the lowest prices in the industry. That’s not because we cut corners or because we don’t offer as much. We charge less because our customers don’t deserve to be gouged. Over the years, we have been on the receiving end of some rough situations and the person asking for our services would have paid a fortune for what they couldn’t access. But that’s not how we do things. You don’t become an industry leader by going for a quick buck. You become an industry leader by doing what’s right and putting your customers first. We can restore most hard drives for right around $850. Solid State Drives usually start at $1,000. 

But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from people we’ve had the honor of serving.

With Data Recovery 47, we believe that your data is our top priority. Call us any time of the day or night to see how DR47 can restore your data and return peace of mind to your life.

Dangers of Ransomware, Data Recovery NYC.

Dangers of Ransomware, what you need to know.

As the world focuses on the dangers of the Coronavirus, the viruses that attack computer systems still present a significant threat. With more people staying at home, it is possible that the number of hack attempts will rise. This is because hackers may see an opportunity to infiltrate home computers and mobile devices to obtain financial and personal information. 

Of the several tools that hackers can use, one of the most sinister is ransomware. This has been growing in popularity in recent years and may explode thanks to more people staying at home and using their personal computing devices. 

What is Ransomware? 

This is a form of malware, a common network worm or computer virus, that is more advanced and structured to encrypt data so the owner cannot access it. Unless the ransom is paid, which often ranges from one to ten Bitcoins depending on the program, it is quite difficult to gain access to the data. Hackers will often put a set time limit for the ransom to be paid. Otherwise, the price goes up or the now encrypted data is destroyed. 

Types of Ransomware

There are several types of ransomware, although the most common are programs that encrypt data. Other types include the following. 

Cryptoware: An encryption program that demands payment to decrypt data 

Locker: This locks down files and demands payment for the data to be released

IoT: Accesses IoT devices to make them inaccessible to the owner. 

Scareware: Infects systems with pop-up messages stating it is infected. When you pay for the antivirus, it removes the pop-up messages 

There is also ransomware that attacks mobile devices such as Android. It locks the smartphone until you pay the money to have it returned. 

How is Ransomware Transmitted?

The methods for transmitting ransomware are similar to standard malware and computer viruses. The most common means are the following. 

Malicious websites

Corrupted links in emails

Downloading files from unknown senders

Outdated and pirated software installations

Free software available for download, including games, screensavers, and the like 

While the most well-known method is accessing PCs that are online, many ransomware attacks are conducted using one or more of the mentioned methods. 

How to Fight Ransomware

The first step is to not pay the ransom. There are ways of dealing with this malware without having to give them your money. 

Identify & Eliminate: There are software programs such as ID Ransomware that can identify the specific malware and recommend recovery options. 

Disconnect Device: If you disconnect early enough, you may be able to stop the ransomware from infiltrating your computer. You will need to disconnect at the first sign of trouble. 

Get Professional Help: If the ransomware has taken hold of your computer, take a photo of the screen and call a Data Recovery NYC company. They may be able to identify the type of ransomware used and help you eliminate the issue. You may have to use data recovery software or take the device to the shop. 

Either way, a professional Data Recovery NYC company can certainly help. It also helps if you backup your data so the information that is seized can still be accessed by another source. 

Corona Virus And Computers , Data Recovery NYC.

How the Coronavirus Spread to Computers 

The impact of the Coronavirus around the world has been devastating. The most dangerous pandemic in our lifetimes has affected people around the world. But as it continues to spread among the population, the effects of the virus are also appearing in computers making you need data recovery NYC. Although the virus itself may be limited to humans and mammals, there has been malware discovered that disguises itself as legitimate information about the Coronavirus. 

First discovered in Japan, this new form of malware has been tricking people into opening emails that have in turn sabotaged their computer systems. It’s an old tactic, but one that has gained a new approach thanks to the Coronavirus and people’s desire for more information. 

If your computer has been compromised by a computer virus, malware, or other issues that prevents you from retrieving your files, the professionals at Data Recovery NYC are here to help. They provide the best in data retrieval services when you can no longer access your computer, laptop, mobile or digital storage device.

How the Malware Started

Interestingly enough, the spam emails that carry this new form of malware have originated from China, the same source as the Coronavirus itself. The first country to open such emails was Japan, but the malware has spread around the world thanks in large part to growing interest of information about the Coronavirus. 

Researchers at Kasperky along with the IBM X-Force have researched the situation, concluding that the emails contain a computer virus known as Emotet. This type of malware comes in the form of an attachment, usually an audio or video file that comes with the email. The deceptive part is the title of the email promises important information about the Coronavirus. 

However, the result of opening the email usually mean infecting your device to obtain valuable contact information that is being stored. The Emotet malware has been around for a while, starting out as a banking Trojan. But it has been modified to install codes that bring a virus to your mobile or computing device. 

How to Stop the Malware

The short answer is that you should never open emails from anyone that you do not know. Any emails from sources you do not know, even if they promise valuable information, should be deleted right away. As long as you never open the email, you are safe from the malware. 

It’s also important to share this information among your co-workers, friends, and family so they do not fall for this trick. The more people know, the less likely the malware will be opened. 

If you have opened an email that promised information on the Coronavirus, only to see your smartphone, tablet, or computer infected with malware instead, you can turn to the professionals at Data Recovery NYC. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to retrieve your lost data, even if the device itself has been damaged. Call or contact Data Recovery NYC today for more information on how you can get back your lost files. 

SanDisk Data Recovery NYC

SanDisk Data Recovery NYC

If you have lost files from a SanDisk SD card, it is possible to get them back. There are different methods available, but you can start with recovery software designed to retrieve lost files on a SanDisk SD card. Your chances of SanDisk data recovery NYC will depend in large part on the reasons why the files were lost in the first place. 


Accidentally Deleting the File: This is probably the most common reason that a file is lost. For a SanDisk SD card, the problem is worse because deleted files do not go to the Recycle Bin on the computer. This prevents a simple recovery from occurring. 

Corruption of Files: When the memory is corrupted, you can lose the files quickly. 

Formatting: This is another common reason why files are lost. Be sure to check the disk before you reformat. 

Improper Use: Pulling the SD card from a digital camera while it is still on or removing the disk from a computer without clicking the Safety Removal Hardware feature. 

Other causes such as computer virus, bad sectors of memory, or physical damage to the disk can prevent you from recovering the files. 

Recovering the Files 

You can start by using a good SanDisk data recovery NYC software program to scan the card itself. This is especially true in cases of accidental deletion or formatting. This is because the data is usually still present, but it is inaccessible by normal means. The data recovery software allows you to get at files that otherwise would be permanently deleted. 


There are ways to minimize the risk of losing the data on a SanDisk SD card. The first is checking the card before formatting so you know what is on the card and what needs to be saved.

Avoid Chkdsk: This will fix corrupted file systems and is not designed to retrieve files. This means that you might damage the directory system inside the SD card which will not allow you to access the files. 

Overwriting: If you sense that you might be overwriting files, that is the time to stop using the disk. Once the card is full, stop, replace it, and then continue to take more photos or store data. 

Recovery Software: Just as you need the right tool for the job, so too do you need the right data recovery software to retrieve the lost information. Recovery software that is available commercially should be designed to retrieve data from SanDisk SD cards. Be sure to check them out before using them. 

Of course, backing up your files is the best way to keep them protected. Using the storage on your computer, external hard drive, or using an online storage system will keep a copy of your files ready for use. 

If you find that SanDisk data recovery NYC software does not do the job. Or if the SD card is damaged and does not allow for accessing, you should contact a professional data recovery company. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools available, so you have the best chance of having your lost files recovered from a SanDisk SD card. 

SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

If you are trying to recover data that has been lost from your SD card data recovery, there are certain methods you can try to get the files back. From lost photos to corrupted memory files, there are programs and techniques that can be used to restore the information. 

Getting Back Photos

Accidental deletion or formatting the SD card before recovering the files can be pretty bad if you have not backed them up. Photos can be lost for the following reasons.

Accidental deletion or formatting

Corruption of files

Compatibility issues

Virus or malware attack

Physical damage to the SD card 

In the case of accidental deletion, you stand the best chance of getting your photos back. This is because the file is usually still present on the SD card, it’s just not accessible through normal means. An SD recovery software program allows for retrieval of files, including photos, without damaging the data on the SD card data recovery. You can find both free and paid versions online, but even some of the paid version have a free trial to help you get back some of your photos.

Using Free or Paid Software

You should choose a reputable recovery software program and download it to your computer. For files that have been accidentally deleted, you should do the following steps once you have downloaded and installed the recovery program. Beware of software and read this first before downloading any softwares.

Connect SD card to your computer

Launch recovery program & choose “Recover Files”

Select SD card as the target

Software will scan the SD card

Recover the photos that the program has discovered 

It generally works the same for files that have been lost due to formatting. There may be some differences depending on the program that you choose. The same is true for corrupted files, although depending on the level of corruption the software program may be less successful. Again, check the software recovery program that you have downloaded for further information. 

A good rule of thumb is to always copy and paste photos from your SD card to your computer, external drive, or online storage when you get the chance. But if something happens to the files before you can back them up, there are software programs that may help. 

Professional Assistance

For photos and data that has been lost due to virus or malware attack, corruption of the files, or physical damage to the card, then the free and paid software programs found online may not be enough. You will need to turn to another source to get them back. sd card data recovery SD Card Data Recovery hard drive recovery

If the files you have lost are vital to your business or personal life, then contacting a professional SD card data recovery service is the best answer. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job. A reputable data recovery company offers the best chance to recover your lost photos, files, and data. Although no company can guarantee 100% recovery, the best chance you have of getting back your files starts with the professionals. 

Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC

Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC

One of the most common issues that computers and laptops face is hard drive failure and needing hard drive recovery NYC. While it is quite frustrating, it is also one of the easiest to identify. If you believe your hard drive has failed, shut off the system and contact a professional data recovery NYC service. All data recovery services offer free consultation which means you can get an idea of what might be troubling the hard drive. 

While you probably will have to take the hard drive to the recovery service shop, if your hard drive has yet to fail there are ways to spot trouble on the horizon. It helps to know the specific reasons why hard drives tends to fail, the warning signs that precede a potential failure, and what to do before it crashes so you don’t need hard drive recovery NYC


A hard drive disk (HDD) works on a spindle and platter which is similar to an old-fashioned record player. Because the HDD consists of moving parts, at some point all hard drives will fail or require replacement of the parts. The same is true for solid state drives (SSD) which uses an electrical cell to store memory. Both the HDD and SSD can fail for the same reason.

Mechanical Failure: While the HDD can wear our or lose precision thanks to heavy use or its age, the SSD can also fail when the blocks used to store the memory wear out as well. Other common causes of failure include but are not limited to the following. 

Too Much Heat

Exposure to Water 

Static Electricity, Power Surge, or Lightning


High Magnetic Fields 

Keep in mind that external hard drives can also fail for the same reasons. While they are generally built to be tougher because they are exposed, they can also fail due to impact, water exposure, or too much power going through the system. 

Warning Signs

If you do not have a SMART system to warn you of the hard drive about ready to collapse, there are other warning signs as well. 

Crashing Computer: It will show the proverbial “Blue Screen of Death”

Error Messages: Usually when moving or copying files

Missing Files: Often for no discernable reason

Long Access Time: It takes forever to find a file

Unusual Noise: Grinding, scraping, or clicking noises are quite common

What to Do

If your computer experiences any of these symptoms, you need to shut it down right away. This is especially true if the computer has not crashed yet. It’s considerably easier to get the hard drive fixed and retrieve the information before it crashes rather than afterwards. However, a good data recovery service will be able to get the information from the hard drive under most circumstances.

The best thing you can do is back up the information on the hard drive at regular intervals. At least then if the hard drive crashes, you still have access to the data that was stored. At that point, call a reputable hard drive recovery NYC service company and proceed from there. 

hard drive recovery nyc Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC hard drive failure warnings2

Data Recovery NYC

Data Recovery NYC

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

When your computer of mobile device goes down, the first question you might have is how long will the data recovery take? It’s a question that has no simple answer because it depends on a number of factors. What can be said is that effective data recovery NYC residents and business owners want only comes from a professional company that has a sterling reputation for providing the best data recovery services.

The time it takes to recover the data from a damaged or compromised drive will depend on factors that include the following;

Size of Drive

The larger the hard drive, the longer it will take to recover the data that is trapped. This is because the recovery process often requires the cloning of a drive, so the information inside can be properly restored and moved to another storage system.

Also keep in mind the series or model of the hard drive, which may affect how fast the cloning process can take place. Different models have different speeds and other factors that go into how fast the recover process can occur.

Condition of the Hardware

Is the drive physically damaged or is it infected by a virus or malware? This is an important question and one that may not have an obvious answer. It’s possible that a physically damaged drive may be easier to recover the data compared to one infected with a virus or malware. However, if the drive itself is in good condition and the issue is the software, then it often takes less time.

Amount of Data

The more data you have stored, the longer it will take to retrieve. This relates in some ways to the size of the hard drive itself. However, a lot of data on a smaller drive may take more time than a little data on a large drive.

Operating System

The type of operating system or OS used will have an effect on how long the recovery operation will take place. This is because each OS has its own unique characteristics, so it may take longer to boot up or become fully operational compared to other systems. There are other factors as well, but generally speaking the type of OS involved will either add or subtract from the recovery time.


If your computer or device operates in hot or humid environmental conditions, then that may play a role in how long it takes to recover the trapped information.

Basically, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how long the data recovery NYC can take place. Given the different factors involved, the best way to reduce the time is to find the best professional data recovery service.

If you want the best data recovery NYC residents and business owners can trust, then take your computer or mobile device to the experts. The professionals who can retrieve the data and information from your damaged or compromised computer, mobile device, or digital storage unit have an excellent success rate all for low, affordable prices.

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery NYC?

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery NYC?

When you are looking for the best data recovery NYC services, one area that you should research is companies that offer certified clean rooms. An environment clean of small particles is an essential part of data recovery as it helps prevent further damage to hard drive systems.

When a hard drive is damaged or compromised and the protective case opened for repair, the area where it is located must have air that is free of as many small particles as possible. When opened, the platters inside the hard drive can easily collect the dust, dirt, and debris from the air which damages the hard drive even further. This makes proper recovery of the data even more difficult to do.

Certified Clean Room

A room or area such as a work bench that has the proper safeguards which minimize air contamination in the area. This means that there are specific air filters being used, the temperature and humidity are kept at a pre-set level, and the personnel are properly protected with gowns and shoe coverings that limit the number of contaminants or particles that they carry inside.

For proper certification, a clean room must meet the following standards;

Less than 100 particles of 0.5 microns or larger per cubic foot of air space

50% Humidity

70 degrees F Temperature

Such rooms will carry an ISO Class 5 or Class 100 certification depending on the authority which conducts the inspection process. This means that for the best data recovery NYC residents and business owners can trust, this type of certification is needed.

Can You Create a Clean Room?

For those who want to open the hard drive themselves to repair the damage or retrieve the data, creating a clean room may seem like a good decision. Given the sheer number of do-it-yourself internet articles and advice on how to create a clean room, it may seem quite simple at first.

However, the truth is something different as creating a proper clean room or area good enough to protect an opened hard drive takes special filters and equipment. It’s not just about air filtration, but also the right temperature and humidity levels must be present as well.

This means that running the shower for 20 minutes might reduce the number of particles, but the humidity levels will be too high and probably the temperature as well. In addition, you will need the right filtration units designed to catch particles as small as 0.5 microns which are generally not found in retail stores. You will wind up spending a considerable amount of money to create a clean room that is not guaranteed to be clean.

Instead of relying on dubious internet articles to create a clean room, proper data recovery NYC business owners and residents use every day can be found with a professional data recovery company. This means that you get the best service that uses certified clean rooms to open hard drives, repair the damage, and retrieve the data.

6 Reasons Software Won’t Be Able to Recover Your Data

Data Recovery NYC

The best way to protect information stored on your computer is to back it up on another device. Even the best data recovery techniques and software are no guarantee that you will get your files, documents, images, video, or other information back if the device is damaged or compromised. This is because hard disk failure can happen at any time and often without warning.

What follows are six reasons why even the best data recovery software may not do you any good. Which is why you need the professionals at Data Recovery 47 to help when the worst happens. 


Many common errors may cause damage to your computer. From not installing the OS correctly to modifications in the settings of the system registry, an error in setup may cause a catastrophic failure of your computer. You will need to reboot your computer, identify the error, and make the proper changes.

2.Power Surge

Even with the proper protection, a power surge can damage your hard drive, cause startup failure, and have the system itself not recognize the disk. If you have the proper protection in place, rebooting your computer may work. Otherwise, it will need to be serviced by professionals.

3.Heat Buildup

Dust or debris building up in the vent can easily cause your computer to overheat. The heat itself can cause the disk to warp or crack which leads to a hard drive crash. Standard data recovery software does little good as the problem is a physical one. If you feel your computer heating up or hear clicking sounds, clean out the vent to ensure proper ventilation. Your fan may be malfunctioning as well, so have it checked out.

4.File Corruption

Computer viruses, programs that run too close together, or shutting down the PC the wrong way may cause the files to become corrupt. Such a shutdown may cause your hard drive to become inaccessible. This prevents many software data recovery systems from working to correct the problem. A battery backup will help prevent an improper shutdown along with security software to stop viruses from taking hold.

5.Mechanical Failure

Your computer has moving parts such as the hard drive itself. Anything goes wrong and the system will crash. You’ll see a black screen after it tries to boot, folders and files are no longer accessible, and the system itself will freeze up. The flawed or broken part need to be identified and replaced to restore your computer.

6.Manufacturer or Firmware Flaws

This condition most often happens with newer computers when the hard disk has not been properly tested. Because the flaw is present from the beginning, it usually does not take long before problems arise. The symptoms include the disk itself not being recognized by the system or the system failing to boot properly. The good news is that most warranties will cover such a flaw if you bring the computer in early.

Even the best data recovery software may not save the information trapped on your computer. So, be sure that you back up your information on other sources and use the professional team at data recovery 47 to get back your valuable information.