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Data Recovery NYC

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

When your computer of mobile device goes down, the first question you might have is how long will the data recovery take? It’s a question that has no simple answer because it depends on a number of factors. What can be said is that effective data recovery NYC residents and business owners want only comes from a professional company that has a sterling reputation for providing the best data recovery services.

The time it takes to recover the data from a damaged or compromised drive will depend on factors that include the following;

Size of Drive

The larger the hard drive, the longer it will take to recover the data that is trapped. This is because the recovery process often requires the cloning of a drive, so the information inside can be properly restored and moved to another storage system.

Also keep in mind the series or model of the hard drive, which may affect how fast the cloning process can take place. Different models have different speeds and other factors that go into how fast the recover process can occur.

Condition of the Hardware

Is the drive physically damaged or is it infected by a virus or malware? This is an important question and one that may not have an obvious answer. It’s possible that a physically damaged drive may be easier to recover the data compared to one infected with a virus or malware. However, if the drive itself is in good condition and the issue is the software, then it often takes less time.

Amount of Data

The more data you have stored, the longer it will take to retrieve. This relates in some ways to the size of the hard drive itself. However, a lot of data on a smaller drive may take more time than a little data on a large drive.

Operating System

The type of operating system or OS used will have an effect on how long the recovery operation will take place. This is because each OS has its own unique characteristics, so it may take longer to boot up or become fully operational compared to other systems. There are other factors as well, but generally speaking the type of OS involved will either add or subtract from the recovery time.


If your computer or device operates in hot or humid environmental conditions, then that may play a role in how long it takes to recover the trapped information.

Basically, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how long the data recovery NYC can take place. Given the different factors involved, the best way to reduce the time is to find the best professional data recovery service.

If you want the best data recovery NYC residents and business owners can trust, then take your computer or mobile device to the experts. The professionals who can retrieve the data and information from your damaged or compromised computer, mobile device, or digital storage unit have an excellent success rate all for low, affordable prices.

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery NYC?

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery NYC?

When you are looking for the best data recovery NYC services, one area that you should research is companies that offer certified clean rooms. An environment clean of small particles is an essential part of data recovery as it helps prevent further damage to hard drive systems.

When a hard drive is damaged or compromised and the protective case opened for repair, the area where it is located must have air that is free of as many small particles as possible. When opened, the platters inside the hard drive can easily collect the dust, dirt, and debris from the air which damages the hard drive even further. This makes proper recovery of the data even more difficult to do.

Certified Clean Room

A room or area such as a work bench that has the proper safeguards which minimize air contamination in the area. This means that there are specific air filters being used, the temperature and humidity are kept at a pre-set level, and the personnel are properly protected with gowns and shoe coverings that limit the number of contaminants or particles that they carry inside.

For proper certification, a clean room must meet the following standards;

Less than 100 particles of 0.5 microns or larger per cubic foot of air space

50% Humidity

70 degrees F Temperature

Such rooms will carry an ISO Class 5 or Class 100 certification depending on the authority which conducts the inspection process. This means that for the best data recovery NYC residents and business owners can trust, this type of certification is needed.

Can You Create a Clean Room?

For those who want to open the hard drive themselves to repair the damage or retrieve the data, creating a clean room may seem like a good decision. Given the sheer number of do-it-yourself internet articles and advice on how to create a clean room, it may seem quite simple at first.

However, the truth is something different as creating a proper clean room or area good enough to protect an opened hard drive takes special filters and equipment. It’s not just about air filtration, but also the right temperature and humidity levels must be present as well.

This means that running the shower for 20 minutes might reduce the number of particles, but the humidity levels will be too high and probably the temperature as well. In addition, you will need the right filtration units designed to catch particles as small as 0.5 microns which are generally not found in retail stores. You will wind up spending a considerable amount of money to create a clean room that is not guaranteed to be clean.

Instead of relying on dubious internet articles to create a clean room, proper data recovery NYC business owners and residents use every day can be found with a professional data recovery company. This means that you get the best service that uses certified clean rooms to open hard drives, repair the damage, and retrieve the data.

6 Reasons Software Won’t Be Able to Recover Your Data

Data Recovery NYC

The best way to protect information stored on your computer is to back it up on another device. Even the best data recovery techniques and software are no guarantee that you will get your files, documents, images, video, or other information back if the device is damaged or compromised. This is because hard disk failure can happen at any time and often without warning.

What follows are six reasons why even the best data recovery software may not do you any good. Which is why you need the professionals at Data Recovery 47 to help when the worst happens. 


Many common errors may cause damage to your computer. From not installing the OS correctly to modifications in the settings of the system registry, an error in setup may cause a catastrophic failure of your computer. You will need to reboot your computer, identify the error, and make the proper changes.

2.Power Surge

Even with the proper protection, a power surge can damage your hard drive, cause startup failure, and have the system itself not recognize the disk. If you have the proper protection in place, rebooting your computer may work. Otherwise, it will need to be serviced by professionals.

3.Heat Buildup

Dust or debris building up in the vent can easily cause your computer to overheat. The heat itself can cause the disk to warp or crack which leads to a hard drive crash. Standard data recovery software does little good as the problem is a physical one. If you feel your computer heating up or hear clicking sounds, clean out the vent to ensure proper ventilation. Your fan may be malfunctioning as well, so have it checked out.

4.File Corruption

Computer viruses, programs that run too close together, or shutting down the PC the wrong way may cause the files to become corrupt. Such a shutdown may cause your hard drive to become inaccessible. This prevents many software data recovery systems from working to correct the problem. A battery backup will help prevent an improper shutdown along with security software to stop viruses from taking hold.

5.Mechanical Failure

Your computer has moving parts such as the hard drive itself. Anything goes wrong and the system will crash. You’ll see a black screen after it tries to boot, folders and files are no longer accessible, and the system itself will freeze up. The flawed or broken part need to be identified and replaced to restore your computer.

6.Manufacturer or Firmware Flaws

This condition most often happens with newer computers when the hard disk has not been properly tested. Because the flaw is present from the beginning, it usually does not take long before problems arise. The symptoms include the disk itself not being recognized by the system or the system failing to boot properly. The good news is that most warranties will cover such a flaw if you bring the computer in early.

Even the best data recovery software may not save the information trapped on your computer. So, be sure that you back up your information on other sources and use the professional team at data recovery 47 to get back your valuable information.

How Data Encryption Can Effect Your Data Recovery Efforts

How Data Encryption Can Effect Your Data Recovery Efforts

Data recovery naturally is quite complicated and even with the best minds working it, data recovery, isn’t always possible and data encryption makes it worse.

The fascination with data encryption today is quite understandable as there are so many people up to no good and hell-bent on gaining access to your confidential information.

As great as data encryption is, you should consider not encrypting all your data. High risk and sensitive data definitely, but with everything else, it isn’t really necessary.

Typically, when the loss of encrypted data occurs probably due to damage to your device or something, the data recovery process is known to be near impossible.

Data encryption generally converts you encrypted data into code that is only retrievable if you have appropriate access like with a password or code.

Let us say your hard drive gets damaged and you lose data because the key file that was used to create the encryption and its password is now destroyed, recovering your data becomes near impossible

If your hard drive is self-encrypting and decrypting, you face the same problem. If said specialized hard drive gets damaged, it would be impossible to recover lost data

Especially when using self-encrypted devices, you are advised to consider the below options to ensure that you do not lose your data permanently:

Backing up all your relevant data as regularly as possible. With this, you would not require a data recovery process in the first place. This is the easiest and safest way to keep your data safe

Ensuring that you have a copy of your key file saved somewhere secure. You can always fall back to this when your device gets damaged to make the data recovery process easier as it could be impossible in most cases.

Considering using an actual encryption software rather than a self-encrypting device. It is easier to work data recovery when the encryption was done with software that when it was done with a self-encrypting device.

Keep copies of all critical usernames and passwords. Like with having a backup copy of your data and a copy of your key file; this makes the process way easier.

As always, no matter what the reason is for your data loss or if you employed encryption or not, engaging the services of a data recovery expertise is your best bet at successfully recovering all your lost data

We at Data Recovery 47 are experts at recovering encrypted data and are at your service to help you out the best way we can.

Reasons For Hard Drive Recovery And How To Prevent It.

Reasons For Hard Drive Recovery And How To Prevent It.

For computer users, one of the most frustrating problems they can ever face is a hard drive failure. Hard drive failures along with being quite infuriating, is also quite common and in reality, very difficult to remedy. Furthermore, coupled with the fact that hard drive failures are hard to repair, is carrying out a hard drive recovery. Hard drive failures, often lead to lost data which are very difficult to restore, to the point that there are professional hard drive recovery services. With all the stress that comes with hard drive repairs and recovery, it would be much easier to prevent hard drive failures in the first place. Hence the need to understand the reasons that can cause said failure.

There are various reasons that lead to hard drive failures, and each reason often has its own particular contributing factor. To this, highlighted below are the most common reasons for hard drive failure. They are:

Mechanical Failure: Unlike most other components of a computer which are electrical in nature, the Hard drive is one of the rare few that is an actual mechanical component. The fact that hard drive is mechanical in nature is largely a good quality. However, the same fact poses an issue. This issue is what arises in most mechanical parts, and that is an inevitable failure at some point. The reason for this is simply the wear and tear factor, in which for a hard drive, will definitely effect read-write head and other components of the hard drive.

Physical Failure: Here, the basic issue is physical damage being done to the hard drive. Elements like excessive heat, water, static electricity, power surges or plain old physical impact, pose significant threats to the hard drive. Said elements can cause severe physical damage to the hard drive’s electronic parts which are not made to withstand the threatening element. Often times, hard drive failures occur due to major head crashes; which are caused by the dropping or jostling of your computer.

Logical Failure: This sought of failure to the hard drive, is more of a software problem than hardware. Logical failure basically is when damage occurs to the hard drive’s file structure or to its software components. When it comes to logical failures, there are a lot of contributing factors to it. These factors often include human error, malware infection, corrupted files, etc. However, there is an upside to logical failures, and this is that in most cases, a simple hard drive recovery can restore any lost data.

As earlier stated, rather than deal with the problems and frustration that come with hard drive failure, it would be better to prevent it. To this, below are various top-notch ways you can utilize to prevent hard drive failure. They are:

Utilize S.M.A.R.T.; This translates to the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. It is an early warning system for hard drives. It serves to warn you of a potential hard drive failure. Though it does not actually prevent hard drive failures, the fact that it provides an early warning system goes a long way.

Defrag your hard drive.

Stabilize your computer’s power supply.

Uninstall unnecessary software programs.

Install the OS on a separate drive.

Take advantage of power save.

Properly examine what you install.

Summarily, while hard drive failure is quite the experience, it would be better to avoid it altogether. Which in reality, should not be that big of a deal. As you can avoid most causes of hard drive failure with a little planning and simple common sense. What would also help, will be taking notes of warning signs like computer crashes, loss of data, noise, error messages and more.

Hard Drive Data Recovery – DataRecovery47 Case Study

Hard Drive Data Recovery – DataRecovery47 Case Study

Data loss is a very common thing no matter the type of hard drive you are using and needing data recovery. With the rate at which the availability of digital media is growing, we need to store all our information somewhere. Data loss is inevitable, and the best way to get your data back is by getting the right recovery tool. And of course, the hard drive is the most popularly used storage media for this information, and it is an integral part of the computer. However, one of the famous and widely used hard drives is the Western Digital, and it does not need much introduction since they are the largest and the respected hard drive producers of high-performance hard drives known as the Western Digital hard disk drive. 

In the case of a Western Digital Hard Drive and other Hard Drives, you need a powerful and strong hard drive data recovery tool to get all your data back. Whatever the cause of the loss, you need third-party data recovery software to get your data back from Western Digital Hard Disk. The Western Digital hard disk drive is often known as the WD hard drive, WD hard disk, or WD HDD. This hard drive is a non-volatile storage device that stores all the required information on a rapidly rotating platter placed inside two magnetic surfaces. Even with the quality of these hard drives, users can also lose their stored data on their hard drives. Getting the best recovery tool for a hard disk is not easy, but it is available. This is where our services come into play.

The Goldbergs used to have a MacBook laptop with a Western Digital Hard Disk in it for storing their information. They stored information on it including their family will, pictures and videos of their memorable moments. After few years of using this hard disk, this hard disk got corrupted, and they thought they had lost it all; this is because they have almost all the document that is related to their lives and properties on this Hard Disk. DataRecovery47 was introduced to them, we intervened, and they were saved! This family did not only recover their information to save their lives and properties, but they were also able to get all their memorable pictures and videos back. The loss of data is not due to the quality or the manufacture of the hard drives but due to different other common reasons like a formatted and damaged hard drive, inaccessible drives, unrecognized hard drive, accidental deletion, corrupted file system, or virus attacks.

What’s the catch here? DataRecovery47 is a New York-based recovery company. Their main service is to recover data from External Hard Drive, Raid, Computer, Mac, Laptop, Computer, Mobile Phone, MAC, Memory Card, SD Card, USB and several other storage devices with up to 98% success rate. We have the best services when it comes to data recovery, and we will find a way to recover all your lost files. We have the best data recovery software that will recover all your lost data safely and save you from stress. If you are using your hard drive to store your family information, for corporate use, personal use or for professional use and it crashed, contact us today for data recovery service in New York NYC.

Five Reasons You Should Be Backing Up Your Data


We are in the technological age, and despite advancements in science and technology, one thing threatens the balance: data backup. Thanks to the existence of cloud storage platforms, data that is backed up can quickly be recovered.

Many people – especially those who work with computers and other digital gadgets – are told to back up their data. But only a few take the time to back up relevant information in cloud storage platforms. Computers and mobile gadgets are machines after all, and machines can malfunction at any time and without any warning.

When you lose data, your business may be crippled irreparably and put you in more trouble than you can handle with investors, etc. This is the primary reason why you should treat data backup as if it is life insurance because it is. If anything happens to you, there is a protective measure in place to protect you.

In case you are not yet convinced about the importance of backing up your data in cloud storage, here are five reasons you should be backing up your data without delay:

1.    Plan B

Hard drive failure and data corruption are more rampant these days; this is why it is highly crucial to have additional data backups in place via offsite or cloud storage. If man-made or natural disasters occur, your data remains secure and accessible, and you can get back to business within a short time.

2.    To err is human

Nobody is perfect; people make mistakes. A small mistake, just one, simple mouse click on a computer can result in a big mess and complete loss of valuable data, especially if there is no data backup anywhere else. 

Cloud storage has taken the edge off the loss of data, and you can move around human error and get up to speed, thanks to your recovered data.

3.    Keep important files and documents safe

Technology is unpredictable, and this is the primary reason why important files, medical reports, etc. should have multiple backups when there is a technological failure. 

For instance, losing critical medical data to technological disasters could mean the difference between life and death. So, to avoid unnecessary loss of life, data must be stored – if possibly – offsite or in the cloud for easy recovery.

4.    Competitive advantage

When an unfortunate disaster occurs, the first organization to recover will hit the ground running, thus taking all the business of their competitors who are still wallowing in the ashes of misfortune. When your data is not backed up, it could to the closure of your business for good. 

Surviving data disaster is therefore paramount, and this is only possible when you have your data stored off-site or in the cloud.

5.    Save time

Data loss can be annoying, especially if you have no back up in place. In most cases, you will need to work on fixing it by either rewriting important emails or rebuilding your client database.

When you and your team or employees are preoccupied with data recovery, the core of your business is left to suffer. Only a few companies survive the significant loss of data, and that risk is too high for your business to take.


As you can see, backing up your data appropriately can save your life – literally – and your business. The advent of cloud storage has made it easy for anyone to back up their data or company info which will remain safe and secured in case of any technological catastrophe.

The menace of losing data and what to do about it: the how-to of data recovery

When it comes to the hassles that accompany the joys of the technological era, losing important data which is very common with computers is one nerve-wracking and sometimes very super scary situation.

When the issue of data loss comes up, I personally just feel like my heart is about to give at the moment, which I can bet is the same dreadful feeling most people get when they discover that all their hard work or sensitive information saved on their pc is lost maybe by accidental deletion, accidental formatting of your drive, a viral attack on your device, etc.

After losing data, is data recovery really possible?

Well, when it comes to losing data, a lot of times said data is irrecoverable. But a lot of times also, there are steps you can take which could give you at least a fighting chance at getting said lost data back via a data recovery process.

Below are a few things you can do to help with the data recovery process:

Pause and begin recon

When you suspect that you have lost data from your device, the first thing to do is to stop whatever you were doing and try to remember what exactly you did that resulted in said data loss.  Understanding “the why” of the problem is the first step to fixing it.

Is the data completely lost though?

If you have used tech long enough, you must have been advised to back up important data on your device at some point. And if you have used tech long enough, I am guessing you must have taken that advice at some point.

The next step in the data recovery process is to remember where and then try to find a copy of said lost data you may have backed up somewhere.

Maybe on some other part of your pc, an external hard drive or on another device totally.

This makes the whole data recovery process easier because obviously, you wouldn’t even need to try and recover said data to begin with.

Forget what the internet says, you really need to speak to someone

And nope, I’m not saying you should go see a therapist after the near losing your mind stint when the data loss episode occurred.

There is a bunch of software online and YouTube how-to videos that swear they can turn you into a data recovery expert overnight but trust me, buddy, you need to ignore the virtual messiahs for just this one time and just talk to an actual data recovery expert about your data loss problem.

Trying to DIY the data recovery process is a bad….bad idea my friend and if there was even a little bit of hope of recovering your lost data, trying to wing the process simply is you kissing your only window of data recovery hope goodbye.

I am going to say this one more time my friend, talk to someone who actually gets the 0s and 1s.

Is there something I can really do to help? I am feeling pretty useless right now man.

Believe me, I know the feeling oh too well…………..and even though there is nothing you can do in terms of the actual data recovery process, there is still one thing you can do that is very important.

You can take special care in the packaging of your faulty device to ensure that it stays in top condition to avoid further damage en route to the data recovery expert’s location.

The data recovery expert would give you a better insight on what to do here.

All About Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery 

With so many media storage devices on the market today, it is imperative that any computer owner takes care to learn all about hard drive data recovery including the reason for it’s as well as how to remedy the situation. NO matter what type of computer you happen to own, the chances are very good that you use accessories such as flash drives, hard disk, USB drives, memory stick or even an external zip drive to help you store your information. Learning all about these storage devices and the proper steps to take to secure your information will help you from falling victim to data loss over time.

If you own a computer, then the chances are very good that you have into some sort of damage or data loss at one time or another. Often times, there will be some sort of human error or software malfunction that will make it necessary for hard drive data recovery for your computer. Virus attacks or even hard failure can also be common causes of information loss. Knowing what step to take will help you to hopefully save a decent portion of the information that have stored on your computer.

Hard drive data recovery service- how to choose the right company

Hard drive data recovery service begins with knowing how to find the right professional to get the job done. You could make a mistake by choosing a local computer service because you want the cheapest option for recovering your files. These companies have the best intentions when it comes to getting back your files. They may even have basic understanding of how hard drive data recovery works, but it is unlikely that any of these technicians have ever manually retrieved data from drive. Hard drive data recovery is a highly specialized field. The safety of your hard drive and files depends on you choosing the right company to recover your lost data.

Keep your drive turned off

Keep in mind that hard drive recovery services starts with maintaining the safety of your data first and foremost. The way to make certain your data is safe is to make sure the data does not have a chance to be overwritten. If you are operating a computer that you need to recover data from right away, power it down right now. You may be wondering, “How can I save my files?” turning off your computer is an important step in the data recovery process.

Be obedient to this or else

The next important lesson of hard drive data recovery people constantly do. Here it is. Do not install or run software on the drive that can communicate with the operating system. This can cause your data to be permanently lost. Recovering your files is your goal, right? Stop trying to fix a problem that you don’t know exactly how to do it, especially when it comes to your valuable data.

Compare several hard drive data recovery service providers

Protect your data at all cost. It could also help to contact a few hard drive data recovery service firms to get professional advice about how to solve your problem. You will notice a pattern in the responses you receive. The answer these experts give can help you make an informed decision. Will 

Software is an option? If so, which ones are the best? And if hard drive data recovery service seems to be your best option, what makes them so special?

Putting the information to work

When hard drive data recovery service comes to mind, a lot of people get sticker shock when they hear what the recovery will cost. They also can’t understand why they can’t find a professional company in town. If you live in an area where there is no major hard drive recovery service available to handle the situation. Do not allow them to touch your hard drive unless they know exactly what to do. They should follow all of the safety steps listed above. If they do, then odds of getting back your files are on your side.


If they are unable to recovery your data, your only option at this point is to ship drive to a professional data recovery firm. In the future, consider using a reliable local network data management system so you no longer need to rely on hard drive recovery service to retrieve your files.


How To Avoid SSD Recovery and Solid State Drive Recovery

Losing something in your room which you are quite familiar with is a total nightmare, but losing data stored on your SSD in which its workings might be entirely alien to a lot of people is nothing short of a heart attack.

The Solid state drive is one great technological innovation that has really upped the game when it comes to collecting and storing relevant virtual data. Sadly like with every fair-haired hero, the SSD does run into its Achilles heel now and then, an Achilles heel that is the loss of SSD data.

This data loss problem with the SSD is usually as a result of data deletion done in error or damage to the SSD itself that could happen because of a number of reasons.

Just like doctors intimate patients on steps in which they could help themselves during a heart attack, below highlight steps in which you can correctly recover lost data from a typical SSD.

With SSD recovery typically, there are a ton of ways in which you can recover lost data, and these various methods of  SSD recovery all have one thing in common, the use of a data recovery software.

Out of the many software available online that is employed for the correct recovery of lost SSD data, the most popular and the software of focus for this article is the Ease us data recovery wizard free edition, which is by far one of the very best when it comes to SSD recovery.

How to employ the Ease us data recovery wizard free edition and what it does for you during the SSD recovery process?

The Ease us data recovery software is straightforward and easy to use, which makes it well suited to help you get back lost data from your SSD; the entire process of SSD recovery with this software is basically a walk in the park.

Below are three easy steps to follow to quickly recover lost SSD data using the Ease us data recovery wizard free edition:

Step one

Before we get into the first step, it is important to note that though data recovery is very possible by a long shot, once the trim option on your SSD is enabled, there is sincerely nothing that can be done to recover any lost data in this case.

The above being said let’s get right into it.

The first step when using the Ease us data recovery software is to navigate to the disk map, click on the drive labeled x and then click on the scan option to initiate the search for all the available recoverable data.

The data found to be available for recovery during this process is the only data that you would be able to recover with this software.

Step two

The scan of the solid state drive lets you search for all the lost data available for recovery. As the scan process is in progress, a wide range of data is seen to pop up on your screen.

Step three

The third and final step is to search through all the data that has been brought up during the scan, and when you are satisfied that you have found the appropriate data you desire to recover, select said files and folders and then proceed by hitting the recover option and bam! The SSD recovery process is done.

Ensure that you choose a different storage option to save the newly recovered, do not save on the obviously compromised SSD.

See? Pretty easy if you ask me. Literally anyone can do it.

There is a little hitch with using the Ease us data recovery wizard free edition for SSD recovery though.

The free edition of the SSD recovery software has a 2 gig restriction meaning that whatever data you hope to recover has to be 2gig in size or under, or else the recovery process won’t pull through.

Don’t get your hopes down just yet, as there is a premium version of this fantastic software that lets you recover even larger data sizes during SSD recovery.

Now that we are done with how to recover lost data, have you ever heard the saying that prevention is better than cure?

Well, this is true.

Though being able to recover lost SSD data is such a tremendous and game-changing innovation, ensuring that the data loss hassle doesn’t come up in the first place will always be the better option.

Below are easy ways to ensure that the data stored in an SSD is iron-clad safe and the need for an SSD recovery never comes up:

Ensuring that the power is stable when using your SSD. a power surge could really do some damage to your SSD

Backing up all critical data stored on your SSD is one great way to ensure that you might not even need the data recovery process In the first place in the situation of data loss.

Ensuring that you don’t overuse or misuse your SSD to help ensure its durability

Employing the use of anti-virus to keep out viruses that could potentially damage your SSD and lead to data loss.