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How to Protect Against Ransomware: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Safe

Let's face it. Ransomware can be as scary as it sounds. Unfortunately, hackers continue to take advantage of this technique to lock you out of your devices. And once you fall prey to ransomware, you will end up paying a lot of money to decrypt your files. Something you won't

Do You Need Professional Data Recovery?

Many people rely on digital devices to store their photos, files, documents, videos, and other data in today’s world. They carry their data around so that they can easily access it and share it with other people. Losing this priceless data would be detrimental at the ve

How Useful are Data Recovery Services in New York City?

You are working on that important project or assignment, then boom! Your computer system displays a blank screen. Or even worse, your Operating System crashes. We understand that this might scare the hell out of you and the first thing that comes to mind is your valuable dat

Why Data Recovery Software Doesn’t Work

Not all of us are indeed tech-savvy in this digital era. But, you should be at least familiar with the name "backups." Yes, how well do you protect information stored on your computer or mobile phone? Backups Creating backups of your data on other devices is undoubtedly es

A Sigh of Relief for Compromised RAID Systems

Many businesses have tapped into the world of RAID systems, thanks to their ease of use and safety measures. Moreover, these devices are fault-tolerant, allowing for the primary storage of critical data in any organization setup. And in any case one of the drives fails, you

How to Recover Deleted Files

An erroneous deletion of your files from a device may be frustrating enough!These may be memories in picture formats, work files, projects or big plans. There are various scenarios that may cause you to delete your files, say by accident, knowingly or unknowingly. It is o

Why Data Recovery 47 Is An Industry Leader

Data Recovery 47 - An Industry Leader With Track Record of Success At Data Recovery 47, we understand how important our mission is. All of us, in all phases of life, rely on digital and electronic data storage, in ways both big and small. Our most cherished memories ofte

How to Protect Your Data from Corrupted Files

How to Protect Your Data from Corrupted Files  The damaged or unreadable file is known as corrupted files. It is one of the most common issues to affect data in computing devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and data storage units. While advances

Dangers of Ransomware, Data Recovery NYC.

Dangers of Ransomware, what you need to know. As the world focuses on the dangers of the Coronavirus, the viruses that attack computer systems still present a significant threat. With more people staying at home, it is possible that the number of hack attempts will rise.

Corona Virus And Computers , Data Recovery NYC.

How the Coronavirus Spread to Computers  The impact of the Coronavirus around the world has been devastating. The most dangerous pandemic in our lifetimes has affected people around the world. But as it continues to spread among the population, the effects of the virus