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The seat of Rensselaer County, Troy is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. A proud city with ties to nearby Schenectady and Albany, Troy is part of the Albany Metropolitan Statistical Area and currently has over 50,000 residents. Troy is a magnificent combination of historic achievement and modern living that attracts both tourists and potential residents from around the world.

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For many centuries, the Mohican tribe lived in the region when the Dutch started arriving around 1630. Over the next century the township grew until 1789 when it became formally known as Troy, named after the legendary city in Homer’s Iliad. By 1816, Troy was formally chartered as a city and was growing along with the rest of the region thanks to the Hudson River and other waterways that allowed for quick passage.

Thanks to its location and burgeoning industry, Troy was considered the fourth most affluent city in America at the turn of the 20th century. It was also one of the earliest homes of professional baseball, with teams being formed in 1871. Perhaps the most long-lasting notable event was the Troy Sentinel, the local paper, being the first to ever publish “A Visit from St. Nicolas” in 1823.

Troy Today

For residents, Troy is a marvelous city that offers many attributes which are enjoyed the year-round. It all starts with the remarkable history of the city and the many attributes it offers. The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the oldest technical and private engineering university in the US, being founded in 1824. For visitors, the numerous examples of Victorian architecture and beautiful private homes makes parts of the city a trip back through time.

The Troy Music Hall is a popular venue featuring superb acoustics and the city is frequented by major acts that entertain the populous. Today, Troy is a thriving city that has made the shift from manufacturing towards a diverse economy which continues to grow and expand.

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