iPhone Data Recovery NYC – Best Hard Drive Data Recovery NYC Services New York City, NY

iPhone Data Recovery NYC

iPhone Data Recovery NYC

Is your iPhone dead due to liquid damage or just out of the blues? You could be scratching your head, wondering how best you can recover your data.

But, we have a solution for you.

We understand how much you treasure your data. And with the best iPhone data recovery services in NYC, you can be sure we’ll recover your photos, text messages, notes, emails, contacts, and other files.

Our highly skilled technicians will use component-level logic board recovery and repair to retrieve your lost data. Request a free quote through the form below:

How We Will Recover Your Data

Subject to the nature of the damage, we can recover your data in three main ways;

Recovery from iCloud Backup

You can easily retrieve data from your iCloud account if you regularly create a backup.

Using a licensed Software

We use licensed software to recover your files if your phone is in good working condition. In addition, we can recover data that has been lost due to an error or corrupted by a virus. Unfortunately, the use of the software does not always guarantee results.

Data Recovery from Dead Logic Board

Logic board repair is one of the most reliable methods to use an iPhone data recovery in NYC.

This process is used on dead phones due to water damage, a deformed motherboard, or if a phone will not turn on.

After successful data recovery, you can either provide a flash drive or an external hard disk to store the data.

How do we recover iPhone data from a liquid damaged phone?

The most common cause of losing data is due to damage caused by water spills or other liquids. Unfortunately, we cannot simply recover the data from a liquid-damaged iPhone by removing the hard disk to extract files. As a result, data is usually stored on the logic board. It is integrated into the chipset.

Usually, the first thing we do is repair the water damage on the components of the logic board. Once the board is repaired, we can recover the data.

However, it is essential to know that your iPhone may not be usable after the data recovery. In as much as we repair the logic board, this is only for the sole purpose of data recovery.

The phone may only function temporarily, and you must be prepared for this. With liquid damage, it is hard to tell what function of the iPhone will fail next.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Many businesses are providing iPhone data recovery services in NYC, but we surpass them all.

Our certified engineers have been in the industry for over a decade-long stint. As such, you can trust we are experienced and have the expertise needed.

What’s more, customer satisfaction precedes everything else in our work. So we ensure that you only get genuine and transparent services.

Data confidentiality is a crucial priority for us. We have put in place multiple security protocols to ensure your data is protected. In addition, only authorized personnel will access your information.

In addition, our prices are fair. We will retrieve your data at reasonable prices. Our No data no charge policy guarantees you a worry-free experience. If we are not able to recover your data, we will not charge you.

Tips For Recovering Lost Data

You can quickly recover your lost iPhone data if you lost it. Online you can find many iPhone data recovery programs that can help you recover your data. Research and find the best program for you among the free and paid options.

iTunes backup can also be used to recover data. You can store your essential files in the cloud when you buy an iPhone. Keeping all of your files up-to-date is your responsibility. When you lose your data, you only need to use your computer to access your iTunes account and recover the files.


It is essential to be careful which data recovery software program you select. Make sure to do plenty of research before using any program. Some programs can cause more harm than good.

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