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Computer Forensic

Computer Forensic

Computer hacking has become one of the biggest concerns for businesses and organizations both small and large. The loss of such data, especially information such as credit card numbers and the personal information provided by customers can be devastating to everyone involved. It compromises the customers and it can destroy a business that relies on computers from email to internet to data storage and more.

That is the reason why computer forensic techniques are used to identify and track the culprits who stole the information. Whether hacked by those on the outside or taken from within, it is important that forensic techniques are used to track the source.

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What is Computer Forensics?

This is the process used to track who accessed the data without your permission. A professional company is hired to oversee the forensic process so that the information which was accessed can be tracked to those responsible. The good news is that proper forensic techniques will not only find the culprit, but they will also expose the weaknesses in your system so that they can be addressed.

This means that both the stealing of information and damage to your computer system caused by the hacking and perhaps planting of a computer virus can be tracked effectively and new security measures put into place which minimizes the chances of it happening again.

How It Works

The compromise of the information stored on the computers is analyzed by a professional company skilled in the art of computer forensics. This means that the log files are gathered, computer activity checked, and all other aspects of the hack or compromise are examined. By using proven collecting and analyzing methods, the evidence gathered can be used in a court of law.

This means that a team of experts that are trained and fully experienced to gather the information correctly provides an overview of what happened so that the hacking can be examined, lessons learned, and culprits caught so they be properly punished. The determinations made may include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Email Spamming
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Cyberstalking
  • Malicious Software Programs
  • Distribution of Child Pornography and More

Computer forensic techniques have been used to track down terrorist cells, expose professional hackers, and even identify those from within who assisted or carried out the illegal accessing, stealing, or destruction of information. The evidence has been used in criminal and civil trials with substantial results, meaning that when it comes from a reputable, professional company that offers excellent forensic services for computer intrusion, it can make a powerful statement.

Plus, when companies use these techniques, it sends a message that they are serious about all invasions of their computer systems no matter their nature. This provides a deterrent effect that dissuades many from even attempting to hack, plant a virus, cyberstalk, or distribute unwanted material illegally on a computer system.

If your business or organization has been compromised internally or externally through the stealing or destruction of information on your computer system, Or, if you want to stop cyberstalking and the distribution of unwanted material, call a professional company that is well-regarded in computer forensic techniques.