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first capital of the state of New York, Kingston has a long, proud history that
has helped make it the county seat of Ulster County. Located about 90 miles
north of New York City, Kingston has a rich, diverse culture that has changed
over time, creating a fascinating history that is combined with the scenic
beauty of the area.

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first European settlers to the area were the Dutch, who created a trading post
around 1614 at the junction of the Hudson River and Rondout Creek. Originally
called Esopus after a local tribe, a conflict broke out between the Dutch and
the natives, the area began to include English settlers. By 1669, the town was
renamed Kingston after the family seat of the mother of Governor Lovelace.

after becoming the capital of New York in 1777, the British burned it down the
following year after the Battle of Saratoga. That did not stop the residents
from quickly rebuilding the town and by the 19th century it became
quite important thanks to the natural cement found in the area. That allowed
for an extensive transportation system to be developed which brought passenger
rail service to that part of the country. The merger of Kingston with nearby
Rondout and Wilbur let to the community becoming a city in 1872.

the 20th century, the town had expanded considerably, bringing in
immigrants from Europe and opportunities thanks to its location. The
combination of natural cement and being a transportation center helped Kingston
grow and flourish for many decades.


Kingston may not be the transportation center it once was, the city is still
quite prominent thanks to its rich history and expanding economy. There are
many historic churches in the area which draw in tourists eager to see the
early history of New York. 

the city is divided into three zones, the Downtown Waterfront, Uptown Stockade,
and Midtown areas which offer many amenities, activities, and events throughout
the year. There are numerous festivals, including the Artists Soapbox Derby and
Kingston Jazz Festival that bring in tourists from around the country.

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