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Ransomware Virus Recovery Service NYC

Ransomware Virus Recovery Service NYC

Ransomware is a form of malware, a common network worm or computer virus, that is more advanced and structured to encrypt data so the owner cannot access it. Unless the ransom is paid, which is often demanded in cryptocurrency, it is quite difficult to gain access to the data. Hackers will often put a set time limit for the ransom to be paid. Otherwise, the price goes up or the now encrypted data is destroyed. 

This is pretty scary stuff. As we work from home more and our interactions are more likely to happen on the internet, the threat of ransomware only grows. Users fall prey to ransomware in a number of ways, but the most common are malicious websites, links in emails, and downloads such as games, screensavers, and other programs.

There are several types of ransomware. The most common are programs that encrypt data. Other types include: 

  • Cryptoware: An encryption program that demands payment to decrypt data 
  • Locker: This locks down files and demands payment for the data to be released
  • IoT: Accesses IoT devices to make them inaccessible to the owner. 
  • Scareware: Infects systems with pop-up messages stating it is infected. When you pay for the antivirus, it removes the pop-up messages 
  • There is also ransomware that attacks mobile devices such as Android. It locks the smartphone until you pay the money to have it returned. 

I’ve been hacked. What are my options? 

Start a ransomware recovery process by filling out the form below:

At Disaster Recovery 47, we do not get rid of ransomware. We use the infected files, rogue attachments, links and ransom notes to determine which ransomware was used to decrypt users data. There are thousands of viruses and rogue scripts hackers use to do just that. If your system is still running, put it into hibernation. That preserves the data. You can then send us the system or remove the hard drive and send that. 

Once we have it, our trained, experienced technicians will go to work on your device. We use in-house proprietary tools and algorithms for industry-leading success rate. Our team knows that each situation is unique and we take an individual approach to every case in order to find the source of the ransomware and the fastest way to bring the data back. 

As for how long it takes, that depends on the type of malware that has been deployed. It can vary from a simple, same-day data transfer to sophisticated decrypting algorithms that can take months to break the encryption. Once we’ve recovered the data, the computer will function normally. Because ransomware only affects storage, your device should function normally after the storage has been wiped and the operating system has been re-installed. 

At Data Recovery 47, we cannot guarantee you won’t get hacked again. But we can provide free guidelines for ransomware prevention. We also offer cybersecurity assessment and ongoing managed services to help keep your information safe and secure.