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Staten Island

Staten Island

the five boroughs located within New York City, Staten Island is located in the
southwest area of the metropolis. The borough itself is separated from the rest
of the state by New York Bay and from New Jersey by Kill Van Kull and Arthur
Kill. With a population of nearly a half-million, Staten Island is the third-largest
land area of the boroughs.

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Lenape tribe lived on the island for many centuries, using it as a burial
ground, one of the largest of its type in all the US. When the Dutch arrived
and settled on Manhattan Island, Staten Island remained virtually empty for
many years due to conflicts with local tribes. The name comes from the Dutch
and means “States

Island was the site of more than one battle leading up to and including the
American Revolution. It was occupied by British forces in 1780 which forced
most of the settlers to leave. The demands of the British forces were such that
much of the island was stripped of its forest and resources until they left
three years later.

the 19th century, Staten Island became noted for ending the practice
of slavery in 1827. This was while the town grew over time to the point where
in 1898 it was brought into Richmond County and incorporated with the city of
New York. However, the transfer of the jail system was not completed until
World War II.  From time to time, Staten
Island has voted to secede from New York City, but the latest effort in 1993
was blocked by the State Assembly.

Island Today

no surprise that Staten Island has become a vibrant, culturally diverse city
with a strong send of self-identity. Although not as populated as the other
boroughs of New York City, it does offer its unique status that has drawn many
people to the island over the years. While it has had its ups and downs, the
city remains strongly independent in terms of how its residents view themselves
in the world.

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