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SSD Recovery

SSD Recovery

SSD Recovery

When your SSD malfunctions, it can slow down your whole day. Often, this is a particularly difficult problem because SSDs are known for their fast functionality and great speed, and its likely that you are using one in the first place because speed is something you require.

Here at Data Recovery 47, we are trained to perform an SSD recovery in a quick and efficient manner, so that you can enjoy your SSD with as fast a turnover as you would expect from a device that’s known for functioning quickly.

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Although similar in name to an SD, an SSD is actually a completely different device. While an SD is a memory card, an SSD, or solid state drive, is a form of hard drive. An SSD is a storage device that contains nonvolatile flash memory and is used in place of a hard disk drive because of their ability to boost a computer or laptops performance by greatly enhancing the speed of the device.

The difference between a hard drive and an SSD also manifests itself in the way that these two storage devices are built. While a hard disk drive works with a mechanical arm, which performs reading and writing actions on a main storage platter, an SSD utilizes microchips, which is ultimately a larger and more sophisticated version of a USB memory stick.

SSDs are able to function much faster because the memory retrieval process occurs in the microchip and requires no reading or writing, such as the hard drive. Its a simpler process, which results in a quicker result.

Although the internal mechanisms are simpler, an SSD can still fail, which will typically begin to happen with one of the following symptoms:

-Corrupt data

-Missing files

-Files that cant be opened

-Strange noises and/or strong whirring noises

-Bad sector alerts

-Slow data transfer rates

-Slow performance in other areas

At the first signs that SSD failure is imminent, turn to Data Recovery 47 for a free analysis of the issue and expert advice on the next steps to take.

Our team of experts can perform an SSD recovery and restore your device before the problem worsens. At DR47, we always work in a safe and secure certified cleanroom to protect the integrity of your device, and we are confident that our knowledgeable team will be able to count your SSD device among our many successful recoveries.

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