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Long Beach

Long Beach

Called the City by the Sea, Long Beach is located just to the south of Long Island on the westernmost barrier islands off the south shore. Home to about 34,000, Long Beach offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean on its southern side while the rest is surrounded by the Reynolds Channel.

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The Rockaway tribe was the first to inhabit the area and did so for many centuries until they sold the land to English colonists in 1643. For many years, Long Beach was the place for farmers and fishermen to gather, but no one permanently resided in the area the year-round. Probably because it was a barrier island. Because of this, a lifesaving station was put into place in 1849.

By 1880, developer Austin Corbin tried to turn the mostly vacant area into a resort. He built 27 cottages and railroad track was laid from Lynbrook to the Long Beach area. While the railroad track was removed a few years later because of the frequent storms, Long Beach became a popular resort.

By the turn of the 20th century, Long Beach had become a popular tourist attraction, drawing in visitors from around the country. The number of resorts grew, accompanied by clubs and housing for those who worked on the island. By 1922, Long Beach was designated a city and elected its first mayor. The city continued to grow in popularity over the next several decades.

Long Beach Today

Thanks to cheap air travel and an extensive renewal of housing starting in the 1980s, Long Beach is more popular now than ever before. The community is renowned for its combination of modern amenities and quiet beaches. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a new boardwalk was opened in 2013 that provides yet another attraction for those who live or visit the community.

Long Beach has managed to maintain its status as one of the most celebrated resort communities while offering its residents modern amenities as part of living on this beautiful island.

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