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An inner suburb of New York City, Yonkers.

If you live in Yonkers, you can rely on the services of Data Recovery Yonkers to retrieve your digital information that is trapped in devices which have been damaged or compromised. For residents and business owners who have computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, storage devices, and more, having a digital restorations service like Data Recovery available means fast, affordable retrieval of your information.


Originally part of a 24,000-acre land grant which ran from Marble Hill to the Hudson River and Bronx River back in 1645, the name Yonkers comes from a combination of Dutch words which means “Young Lord”, which was ascribed to Adraen van der Donck. He built a saw mill which helped begin the settlement in the region. 

For the next two centuries, Yonkers was a small farming community with a growing industrial center along the waterfront. Yonkers was incorporated in 1854 as a town, then a city in 1872. However, Yonkers resisted becoming a part of New York City for decades until 1898. While other communities accepted annexation, Yonkers still resisted strongly and remained quasi-independent for many years.

Of the many industries associated with Yonkers, the most well-known may be the Otis Elevator Company, which helped revolutionize the construction of high-rises by creating the elevator. The 20th century saw an additional rise in industry and manufacturing peaking just before the Great Depression. After World War II, Yonkers lost much of its industry and the city underwent a significant change.

Yonkers Today 

Today, Yonkers is a vibrant, mostly residential community that has become a popular place for many to live. The benefits of being incorporated with the city of New York starts with the excellent transportation system which connects Yonkers to the rest of the city. While known more today for its neighborhoods, Yonkers still offers a place for small and large businesses to thrive. The emphasis on the business community has helped keep Yonkers at the forefront in the greater New York City area.

Interestingly enough, there is a somewhat of a resurgence in manufacturing with some companies finding Yonkers to be the perfect place to create and ship goods. This resurgence combined with the excellent neighborhoods and living conditions make Yonkers one of the most popular places to live.

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