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SD Cards

SD Cards

What is an SD Card?

SD cards are one of the most useful and versatile of all digital storage units. You can find it on all types of mobile devices, cameras, and the like. The small size, yet versatile nature of the SD card is what makes it so popular. However, it is like any other digital storage unit that is subject to data loss.

Introduced in 1999 by Panasonic, SanDisk, and Toshiba, the Secure Digital (SD) memory card is a system of flash memory cards that are designed for portable or mobile devices. The original SD cards were used in cameras to store pictures and smaller versions came out later to be used in mobile devices such as smartphones. You can find SD cards in all sorts of devices and can be used to store video thanks to their high-speed capture capacity.

Are SD Cards Vulnerable to Data Loss?

There are SD cards that range from the original full-size version which can store up to 1TB of information to micro and mini sizes which are arguably the most common. There are also high capacity and extended capacity SD cards which improve the storage capacity to 2TB. Plus, Ultra-High-Speed SD cards for recording 4K video.

However, like any storage device, they are subject to loss of data through a variety of means which include, but not limited to the following;

  • Accidental Deletion and Formatting
  • Corrupted Data
  • Errors
  • Failure of Recognition by Computer or Device
  • Memory Failure
  • Natural Disaster such as Fire, Flood, or Another Source

In all cases, the inability to access the data on the card means that you need to employ recovery methods to get the files, images, video, and documents back. It helps if you can back up the information on another source routinely so that if something does happen to the SD card, the information loss will be minimized.

However, if you cannot retrieve the data on your own or the card itself has been damaged, then we provide the services you need to get the information back. Contact us to learn more today!

How Data Recovery 47 Can Help With SD Card Data Recovery

Our team of experts has years of experience in retrieving data from SD cards, along with many other types of data storage systems. If you are having difficulty accessing the SD card, please bring it by our location, so we can get started on retrieving the information.

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When you hire the data recovery specialists at Data Recovery 47, you can rest assured that we will examine the SD card, check for any faults or issues to identify the source of the trouble, then start to work on retrieving the data. We enjoy a high success rate in terms of pulling information from SD cards all while charging a low, affordable rate for our services. Our data recovery specialists  will identify, retrieve, and store the information on another format so that you can access it quickly.

Let our trained technicians at Data Recovery 47 get the information that has been lost on your SD cards. At Data Recovery 47, we work in a prompt, professional manner that maximizes the chances of success, all while charging low, competitive fees designed to fit your budget.