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Long Island

Long Island

of the more densely populated islands, Long Island stretches from New York
Harbor on Manhattan Island in the west to the Atlantic Ocean. Consisting of
Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties, Long Island is home to more than
half the residents of New York City. However, there are many who only think of
Long Island or “the Island” as
Nassau and Suffolk counties only.

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to the Lenape tribe long before Europeans arrived, the area was first visited
in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazano. By 1609, Henry Hudson explored the harbor
area and six years later Adriaen Block was the first to discover that both Long
Island and Manhattan were indeed islands. The Dutch were the first to purchase
the island, but it was the English who first settled there in 1640 with Peter
Hallock being the first to step ashore.

the Revolutionary War, Long Island was captured by the British and held until
the end of the war in 1783. Throughout the 19th century, Long Island
was mostly a rural community with many farms. But that began to change in the
middle part of the century when railroads were established, bringing in more
residents. However, it was the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 that
really transformed the island from its rural to urban setting.

Island Today

Island has successfully emerged from its industrial and manufacturing era of
the early 20th century to the post-industrial economy. Long Island
is also one of the most diverse communities in the US and attracts tourists
from around the world, further helping to transform the economy of this
thriving city.

being urbanized, there are still long stretches of countryside on the island,
including the shore which offers residents and tourists an incredible view of
the Atlantic Ocean. The future of Long Island is certainly as bright as the
lights from the big city shine in the night.

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