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Recover Deleted Files

Recover Deleted Files

The accidental deletion of files happens quite frequently and the good news is that in most cases they are easily recoverable. To recover deleted files will depend on their importance, the method used to delete them, and if there was any damage done to the computer system.

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Methods to Recover Deleted Files

There are several types of file recovery that can be performed when the information was accidentally deleted such as the following;

  • Documents, Images, and Video
  • Music, Files in Recycle Bin, or Missing Files
  • Viruses, Partition Loss, or Crashed Hard Drive

In any event, the accidental deletion of files, folders, and other data means that it can be recovered if you use the services of a professional data recovery company. Of course, you should always backup your data and take the appropriate steps to ensure that no accidental deletion occurs.

Hard Drive Crash

Of course, there are cases when the hard drive crashes, which means that the data become irretrievable unless professional methods are used for recovery. The good news is that there are often signs that your computer may be close to breaking down or the data itself becoming lost.

  • Weird Noises that Start for No Reason
  • Appearance of Disk Errors
  • Computer Not Able to Locate Certain Files
  • Unexplained Crashes
  • Electrical Surges in the Building

In addition, accidentally spilling water or deleting files means that you should call a data recovery company quickly so that they can act immediately to remedy the situation. In any event, if you should experience any of the signs or believe you have caused damage to your computer, laptop, mobile device, or storage system, shut it off and unplug it immediately. This may prevent further damage from taking place. At that point, call the company or take it to them for repairs and data restoration.

Steps to Prevent Deleted Files

Although there is no set of methods that will prevent all forms of deletion, there are certain things you can do to help minimize both the instances where it may occur and the potential loss of the data itself.

Back It Up: First and foremost, have a backup system in place that keeps all files, folders, images, and other important information. That way, the worst that can happen is it takes a little more time to access the data that was stored in a separate location. Be sure to back up the data at least once per day, if not twice or more so that it remains up to date.

No Food or Drinks Around the Computer: You can’t spill liquid on a computer if you don’t have any around. Move to a different location to eat and keep all drinks on separate tables so they cannot be spilled on the computer.

Maintain the Computer: This means ensuring that defragmentation programs are run regularly and that the computer has proper maintenance so that little issues do not become big problems.

A little care and a lot of backup can save you considerable headaches when you need to recover deleted files.