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Located along Lake Ontario’s south shore, Rochester is a city that is third in population behind Buffalo and New York City but is a leader in terms of commerce and development which is part of its rich history. For the residents of Rochester, the location, natural beauty, and economic opportunities make it a city that they take pride in and for good reasons.

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the Treaty of Big Tree in 1797, the area belonged to the Seneca tribe. After
the American Revolution, a large number of immigrants from the New England area
began filtering into the area. In 1803, Col. Nathanial Rochester along with a
few others purchased about 100-acres of land and the growing community would
eventually name themselves after him.

the 1830s, Rochester was growing fast. In fact, it was arguably the first “boomtown” in
America and also became known as “Flour City” with more of the
product produced there than anywhere else in the US. The city continued its
emphasis on agriculture and trade, causing the population to grow substantially
throughout the 19th century.

the dawn of the 20th century, industrialization took over and
Rochester switched to a manufacturing center which included automobiles.
However, by the mid to late 20th century, the city was in the midst
of transition.


America’s first boomtown is still growing,
building on its reputation as a manufacturing center by adding higher
education, research programs, and high tech to become the second largest
regional economy in the state behind New York City. In addition, Rochester has
been repeatedly praised for its high-quality of living, especially for raising
families thanks to its focus on providing opportunities for all.

emphasis on a low cost of living, excellent employment rate, and good schools
to raise a family, Rochester is one of the leading lights in the state of New
York. It’s
rich history, excellent location, and burgeoning economy provide more than just
a sense of pride, but the belief that the future is happening now in this
remarkable city.

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