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Manhattan, often referred to as “the City”,
is the most densely populated of the six boroughs that make up New York City.
One of the first counties established in the US, Manhattan consists of the
island of Manhattan that is bordered by the East, Harlem, and Hudson Rivers.
Manhattan itself is divided into Lower, Midtown, and Upper regions that
together make up the financial, entertainment, media, and cultural capital not
only in the US, but of the world.

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for thousands of years by the Lenape tribe, the first European visitors to the
area came in 1524, when Giovanni da Verrazzano, a Florentine working for the
French king. However, it was not until the Englishman Henry Hudson in 1609 was
the area mapped and the Hudson River would be named in his honor. The first
settlement came in 1624 as part of New Netherland, a Dutch trading settlement.
It was the establishment of Fort Amsterdam in 1625 that New York City was born.

was not long after that the English acquired the Dutch settlement. The very
name “Manhattan” comes
from two words, “Manna-hata” of
the Lenape language. Generally speaking, it means “the
place where we get the bows”. While the origins are somewhat hazy,
it was believed that a grove of hickory trees in the area was the source of the


entry of the Industrial era provided the pathway for Manhattan to prosper.
While manufacturing dominated the 18th century, it was the evolution
of finances that ultimately transformed the borough into what it is today.

has managed to become a thriving metropolis, the heart of New York City, along
with being a financial and entertainment powerhouse. From Broadway productions
to major films to television shows, Manhattan remains, along with Hollywood,
the center of entertainment in the US and around the world. With so many
different businesses located in the borough, Manhattan has managed to retain
its reputation for being a leader in terms of flexing its business and
financial muscle. 

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