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How Much Does it Cost to Have Data Recovered from a Hard Drive?

Since hard drives are mechanical devices, they can fail. When they do, they can render all of your data inaccessible. While there are ways to recover data from a failed hard drive — such as using special software or taking the drive apart — these techniques require specialized knowledge and equipment. If you don’t want to risk damaging your hardware or losing any of your information, you may want to hire professional data recovery services.

Can a crashed hard drive be recovered?

If your hard drive has been damaged and cannot boot up properly, it likely means that your data is also corrupted or lost. The good news is that even if your hard drive cannot be booted up anymore, there are still ways in which we can recover your data from it safely without destroying any of its contents while we’re at it.

A crashed hard drive can be recovered through data recovery software or hardware tools such as the RAID system and professional data recovery services.

How much does it cost to have data recovered from a hard drive?

This is a question that many people ask when they suffer a hard drive failure. There are several variables involved when it comes to the cost of data recovery from a hard drive

Some of these variables include:

What kind of damage has been done? Is it just one hard drive or multiple? If multiple drives, did they all fail at the same time? Are they connected to the same computer, or are they external drives?

How much data do you need to be recovered? How much has been lost due to corruption or deletion? Can some files be recovered by using software tools? If not, how much more extensive will the recovery process be?

Where are your files stored? Will they have to be restored onto an entirely new computer, or will they be able to remain on their original host hardware?

If you have a simple mechanical failure such as a failed drive or bad sectors on the disk, then the price should be in the range of $100-$700, depending on the size of the drive and how badly damaged it is. If there is actual physical damage (i.e., liquid damage, broken platters), then we can recover your data for about $300-$1000, depending on how many files were affected by this damage. If your files have been encrypted by ransomware or other malware, recovery will take longer and cost more because we need to use special tools to get at the encrypted data inside your hard drive.

How long does it take for data recovery?

It depends on the nature of the problem, but generally speaking, it takes about 24 hours to recover data from a hard drive.

The time it takes to recover data depends on several factors:

  •     The type of data loss. If you’ve lost all your files, it will take longer than if you’ve just misplaced some files or have them damaged or corrupted.
  •     The size of the drive. Larger drives take longer than smaller ones because they contain more files and folders, which means more work for the recovery software.
  •     The speed of your computer’s processor. The faster your processor is), the quicker your job will be done.

How do I recover my hard drive?

Use file recovery software.

Many file recovery programs available online can help you retrieve lost files from a damaged hard drive. These programs search through the hard drive’s file system, looking for known file types such as documents, photos, and music files so they can be restored without relying solely on their contents being recognizable by name alone. 

Use a different computer to access the drive.

If you have another computer with an available USB port, you can use it to transfer your files from the failing drive to another location. This is often easiest if you’re using Windows. Just plug in the drive and copy all its contents into an external folder on your new computer’s desktop.

Use an external enclosure for secure data storage from your failed hard drive. Some external enclosures allow you to connect both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The enclosure should also have a mounting system for mounting directly into a PC chassis, making it easier for users who don’t have access to extra USB ports on their computers.

Use a professional data recovery service.

If your hard drive is experiencing problems, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. If you’re lucky enough to find the problem quickly (such as when your computer blue screens), then there is still hope for recovering your data. However, if you wait too long before contacting a professional recovery service, the chances of successfully recovering your files decrease dramatically.

A reputable data recovery service will have experience in recovering data from all kinds of devices and media formats — including CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives — and they should be able to help you get back whatever information was stored on your hard drive.

Why choose our data recovery services?

We are a team of professional and experienced engineers who always keep an eye on the latest technologies and techniques. So we can offer you the most up-to-date solutions for your data loss problems. We also have many devices, including the most popular models of hard disk drives, which allow us to work with almost any device.

We have a complete infrastructure that allows us to work efficiently, quickly, and effectively. Our staff includes specialists in various fields: software development, hardware repair, data recovery, etc. In addition, we have many high-quality pieces of equipment that allow us to quickly solve even complex problems with data loss on any media.



Data Recovery: Tips on How to Avoid Data Loss

Computer data is valuable. With the ever-growing amount of data we generate and store, making sure that it remains safe and secure is a challenge for modern technology users. When a computer crashes or file system gets corrupted, your data is at risk. For this reason, it’s important to have regular data backup and data recovery procedures. If you have a running, stable, and well-maintained computer system, you may never need to use a backup. However, if something goes wrong, you’ll be glad that you have a plan in place. Data backup and data recovery are necessary procedures that every computer user should know about. This article provides with some helpful data recovery tips.

Backup your data

Backups are the ultimate solution to prevent data loss. If you back up your data regularly, you can recover your data even if the device is broken or accidentally destroyed. There are lots of backup solutions available in the market today. Some are free, while others are paid. You need to pick a reliable backup solution that is right for you. Windows has built-in backup capabilities, while Mac users can use Time Machine. There are also paid third-party solutions that automatically let you backup your data. You can also manually backup your important files regularly. It is important to note that backing up does not save the data for posterity. It simply copies it from one location to another. It would help if you found a way to protect your information physically. Please keep it in a safe at home or the office.

Regularly perform a backup.

Backing up your data is the first step to preventing data loss, but it is not enough. You need to back up your information regularly. You can set up a schedule to ensure that your data is automatically saved. However, you should back up your data daily or whenever something unexpected happens. There are lots of ways data loss can occur. It is best to be prepared for any of them.

Accidental deletion. This is the most common way data is lost. Files are accidentally deleted because they are removed from the computer or due to system crashes.

Formatting. Another way data is lost by formatting the device. This happens when you accidentally delete a partition on the device or delete something important because of space issues.

Don’t save important files in the cloud.

Cloud storage solutions automatically save data for you. However, if you keep important files in the cloud, you need to be careful. Make sure you back up the files first. Otherwise, if the cloud server fails and the files are lost, you will have no way to get them back. You should also remember that cloud storage solutions are susceptible to viruses and malware attacks, just like the computer. A virus can corrupt the data saved in the cloud, and if you don’t have a backup, you will lose the data.

There are many cloud storage solutions available. Some are free, while others are paid. You need to pick a reliable cloud storage service that is right for you. Here are some solutions you may want to look into: Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, and hundreds more.

Use of External Hard Drive Data Recovery

An external hard drive may not be as portable as a smartphone or a tablet, but it is a better way to store large amounts of data. It is also a more secure way to store data than in the cloud. Your external hard drive should be connected to the computer only when using it. It would help if you didn’t keep it connected to the computer all the time to avoid additional power drain. An external hard drive recovery can also be formatted to hold a lot of data. However, make sure you back up the data first.

Use multiple backups

It would help if you had multiple backups of your data. Having at least two backups will ensure that you still have another copy if one backup gets damaged or lost. It is also a good idea to have an extra backup if one of the backups gets damaged or destroyed. You can also have your backups secured in a safe at home or the office to protect against data loss.

Protect your mobile devices

Protecting your mobile devices is essential to keeping your data safe. Make sure you don’t save important data on your mobile devices. Always have a backup of the data on your mobile device so in case the device is damaged or lost, you have a copy of the data. It is also good to get a screen lock for your mobile device. A screen lock makes it more difficult for others to access your data without your permission.


The digital world we live in today is full of information. This information is stored in various computers, laptops, smartphones, cameras, and tablets. The data stored in such devices can be accidentally deleted or formatted. This poses a risk to the data if the device is lost or stolen or if the information is not backed up. To protect your data against such threats, you need to know how to prevent data loss. There are different methods you can adopt to avoid data loss. However, these methods are only effective if you know how to prevent data loss. Data loss is a common occurrence that can happen by chance. However, there are ways you can reduce the likelihood of data loss. Back up your data regularly, perform a backup, don’t save important files in the cloud, use multiple backups, protect your mobile devices, and you will avoid data loss and maintain your data for years to come.



Reasons Why You Need Data Recovery Services

We all know that data is valuable and irreplaceable. A lot of people don’t take the time to make backups because they feel it’s too difficult or time-consuming. But, when you’re hit with a sudden hard drive failure, it can be devastating! You need to make sure you have a backup plan in place, and it should involve data recovery services.

Sometimes your hard drive will just randomly crash for no apparent reason. Sometimes you might delete something by accident and not realize how important it was until later on. It happens to everyone, so here are ten reasons why data recovery services are worth the investment.

The Value of Data

Data is valuable, and it’s important to keep it safe. You might not realize how much you rely on your computer and the data stored on it until you need a backup plan or file recovery service.

When your hard drive crashes, everything from your family photos to your professional documents can be lost forever.  It’s like losing an object that carries a lot of sentimental value: you’ll feel devastated for months! That’s why investing in a data recovery service is worth the investment. Whether you accidentally deleted a document or your hard drive simply crashed, there are professionals who can get all of that precious data back for you–at least in some cases.

If you don’t have any backups of your data, then these professionals are doing you a favor by saving all of those memories that would have been lost otherwise.

What to do When Your Hard Drive Crashes?

Your hard drive crashes and you lose all your data. Now what? What do you do when your hard drive crashes? If your computer is one of those that came with a backup, you’re in luck. If not, then you need to use data recovery services. There are many different ways that your data can get lost or deleted, but the main way is through a hard drive crash.

If your hard drive crashed for some unknown reason, it might be due to a virus or malware attack on your computer. In other cases, it could be because of hardware failure. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that you have a backup plan in place before anything happens to your computer.

Why you need data recovery services?


If your hard drive crashes, you might panic and not know what to do. It’s important that you take a deep breath and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. In the event your hard drive crashes and is unrecoverable, data recovery services can help you recover all of your lost data– fast! A lot of people believe that if their hard drive crashes, then it’s gone for good. But that’s not always the case! Data recovery services aren’t going to be able to work miracles, but they will do everything they can to retrieve any information on your hard drive. The sooner you call them after the crash, the better their chances are of retrieving some data from your hard drive.


Data Recovery Services are Accurate. Data recovery services provide a no-cost consultation to help you determine if your hard drive can be salvaged. This service is 100% accurate and will tell you, for sure, whether or not your data can be retrieved.

If you don’t get in touch with a data recovery service right away, it might already be too late. Your hard drive could have been formatted and new files could have been saved on the hard drive. At this point, there’s nothing that can be done.

But, never fear! If you call in a professional data recovery service they will take the time to analyze your hard drive and assess what might still be retrievable.


You never know when your hard drive will fail. That’s why you need to be prepared. You never know when you might delete something important without realizing it.

Digital data isn’t as durable as some people might think. It can deteriorate in a matter of years, even if it is just sitting on your hard drive. But, if you contract with a data recovery company, they will make sure all the data from your hard drive is safe and sound – no matter what happens to it in the future.


We’ve all experienced the pain of a hard drive crash. It can be really frustrating, especially when you realize that your most important files were deleted. You might not have been able to save those files if they were on a desktop computer. But, with data recovery services, you don’t need to worry. Data recovery services will retrieve lost and deleted files whenever possible. This is such an important service because it saves people time and energy when their hard drives are corrupted or deleted by mistake.

Storage Capacity

People don’t realize how little storage space they have on their hard drives. When you store a file, it takes up space. For example, if you have a 64GB flash drive and need to save a 3-minute video, it will take up about 17.5GB of data. If you save 5 photos that are 1MB in size each, that is another 5MB of data.

If your hard drive crashes, all the space will be filled up and there won’t be any room for anything new to be saved. Data recovery services can recover what’s left and free up your hard drive.


You never know when you’re going to lose your data. When it does happen, the last thing you want to do is deal with the hassle of finding a repair shop for your hard drive. You can avoid all of that with data recovery services, which will have someone come to your home or business and retrieve your data within an hour.


Data recovery services are flexible. If you have an office that has a lot of employees and equipment, you can have the data recovery service come to your business and work on it there. It’s a lot less disruptive for your company than if you had to wait for them to come to your home.

In-house Repair/Troubleshooting

If you have a data recovery service and need to access your hard drive for any reason, you can send it in for repair. They will take care of any damage and recover the data for you. The downside is that it might take time to get your hard drive back, depending on how busy they are. Sometimes, hardware repairs are more difficult than software repairs. But if you do need in-house repair, the fee will depend on the complexity of the issue.

Manhattan Data Recovery

When your hard drive fails, it can be extremely frustrating and stressful. Data on a hard drive is precious to most people, and losing it can mean losing access to irreplaceable personal photos and videos or important documents. You may not know what to do when you lose access to your data, but you don’t have to panic. The team at Manhattan Data Recovery provides data recovery services in New York City that will recover your data fast, so you can get back to using your computer or other devices as soon as possible.

How to Recover Data from a Corrupted or Crashed Hard Drive?

Data is a valuable resource that you cannot afford to lose. It’s essential always to back up your data, but recovering the lost data becomes tricky when you have a hard drive crash or corruption. In this article, we take a look at some of the ways you can recover your data from a crashed hard drive.

What causes crashed hard drive?

Hard drives are complicated pieces of equipment, and they can fail in several ways. If you’ve been noticing some problems with your hard drive lately or have just lost data from the drive, it’s essential to understand how this can happen. You can prevent crashes, but you need to know what causes them.

Physical damage: Physically damaged hard drives are one of the most common causes of crashes. You may accidentally drop your computer or spill something on it. In either case, it would be wise to get the data off of your drive as soon as possible. Another way physical damage can cause a crash is if your hard drive gets too hot. The heat generated from the device will cause it to deteriorate faster than usual.

Heat damage: Another common reason hard drives have been known to crash is that they have gotten too hot and then cool down. Once this happens, the device will not function properly. This can be prevented by keeping your computer in an appropriately ventilated area so that heat does not build up in the device and cause it to malfunction.

Power surges/flickers:Power surges and flickers can cause problems with your computer if they’re so strong that they damage the internal components of your computer, including the hard disk drive. You will know if this is the case, as your computer will power up but crash almost immediately. Sometimes you might hear a buzzing sound after a power surge or flicker before your computer crashing. This noise can be generated if there’s a loose connection in your computer’s power supply or on its motherboard. If this happens, you’ll need to open up your laptop, reseat the connections at either end of the power supply, and make sure everything is connected correctly.

If your computer is consistently crashing while you’re trying to complete a particular task, then it’s usually because of one of two reasons:

1) You don’t have enough memory installed on your computer. The more applications you open, the more memory they take up and the more difficult it becomes for your laptop to switch between them quickly enough. If you’re running too many programs on your computer at once and each of them is taking up too much memory, then this could be causing your hard drive to crash.

 2) You have a corrupted program installed on your computer. This could be a virus or spyware or corrupt files that are being run by a program you have installed. If this is the case, then you should contact the software company that created the program and ask them if they know how to fix this problem.

 If your computer continues to crash after you make these changes, then you should call a professional computer repair service to come and take a look at it.

Can you fix a crashed hard drive?

It’s important to know when you can fix a crashed hard drive and when you should get a new one. If the crash is due to overheating, your computer might be too old. In this case, it’s best to get a new computer. If the impact is not expected to overheat, then there are some tricks you can try.

 There are two main fixes for corrupted or crashed hard drives: recover the data from software or recover the data from the hardware. The first option is much easier and takes up less space than retrieving the data from the hardware. 

The second option is more complex and takes more space but provides more opportunities for recovery.

How much does it cost to recover data from a dead hard drive?

The answer, of course, is “it depends.” There are a lot of variables that go into the cost of data recovery, and most of them are dependent on whether or not you have recently made any modifications to the drive that may have caused the damage in the first place.

Since every case is unique, there is no set formula for figuring out how much a data recovery service can charge you. However, several factors determine the cost of data recovery. These include:

Drive Size and Type

The size and type of your drive will be one of the most significant factors in determining how much it will cost to recover your files. The more information you have stored on your hard drive, the more difficult and expensive it will be to get it back. We’ll discuss this factor in greater detail below.

Degree of Damage

The degree of damage your hard drive has sustained will also affect its overall cost. If your laptop was dropped off a building or was run over by a truck and then submerged in water, you should expect to pay more than you would if your hard drive was accidentally knocked off a desk.

On average, the cost of recovering your data from a dead hard drive is variable, depending on the amount of data stored. It could range from $300 to $2,000 or more.


There are many reasons why your hard drive might crash, and it is not clear which is the cause. If it is a hardware issue, you should fix it first, as you don’t want to lose your data. If this is not the case, you can try recovering your data from a crashed hard drive. This can be done with the help of professional data recovery services that specialize in this task. If you choose to recover data from a crashed hard drive yourself, you should look at the cost of recovering your data, as well as the time you will spend on the process and resources required.



How to Recover Deleted Files

An erroneous deletion of your files from a device may be frustrating enough!These may be memories in picture formats, work files, projects or big plans.

There are various scenarios that may cause you to delete your files, say by accident, knowingly or unknowingly. It is obvious that you cannot delete files you want to use in the future.


What Happens When You Delete a File?

Most files are usually deleted from a computer or other capable devices. The Operating system of your computer uses pointer as a directory of where your file is stored. Deleting a file removes the pointer and marks the sector as available. The sector remains available until new data is placed on it. During this time, your files are still recoverable before being overwritten.

While there are third party software that can help you recover your files, its always recommended to contact experts on recovery of deleted files. Data Recovery NYC offers such services. The reason for contacting the experts at the first instance of your recovery is because some third-party software may overwrite some files and make it impossible to restore your files.

Solid state drives; its crucial to note of the current trends in SSDs, Modern devices are using TRIM-enabled SSD.[i] Deleting a file on such a drive permanently erases the file and cannot be recovered. This is because the SSD architecture consists of flash cells that data cannot be overwritten on, but instead, it erases existing files.

Recover your deleted files as soon as possible before overwriting it with new data.

Avoid deleting your files

  • To begin with, enable permission settings to grant or deny other users from deleting the files without prior permission.
  • You can hide sensitive files from other users
  • You may also password protect your files using third-party tools

[i]TRIM is a command with the help of which the operating system can tell the solid-state drive (SSD) which data blocks are no longer needed and can be deleted, or are marked as free for rewriting.

Read More: The Benefits of Cloud Storage 

Why Data Recovery 47 Is An Industry Leader

Data Recovery 47 – An Industry Leader With Track Record of Success

At Data Recovery 47, we understand how important our mission is. All of us, in all phases of life, rely on digital and electronic data storage, in ways both big and small. Our most cherished memories often live in our phones or on our laptops. Important documents are saved on hard drives so we can get to them in a moment’s notice. So many of us rely on these technologies not just for our livelihood or as a way to earn our living, but to keep us connected and close to those we love. 

These technologies, as wonderful and convenient as they are, are not foolproof. Sometimes they fail. We trust them to do the task we’ve charged them with, but they don’t always work. In fact, when they break, the results can be disastrous.

When those moments hit and you think all hope is lost, that’s when it’s time to reach out to Data Recovery 47. This is what we do. We have over three decades of experience in the technology management field and we were founded with the sole purpose of a streamlined data recovery service. We are dedicated professionals who put our expertise and know-how to use every time we take on a project – no matter the size 

Why trust us? Here are just a few of the many ways Data Recovery 47 can work for you. 

We invest in research and development – Technology always does one thing – change. It can happen slowly or (more likely) quickly, but it never stops. Neither do we. We put time, effort and resources into research and development. We are cutting edge because we have to be. What worked last year may not work now. And what works now is going to look different soon enough. We have been around long enough to know research and development must always be a key driver in moving forward. We partner with companies large and small to make sure our team can anticipate trends and be ready for what’s next. 

We have a full stack lab and reinvest in the best specialists in the industry – Our technicians are the best. Simple as that. We hire the best, give them the best tools and technologies and tell them to get the job done. If you are going to trust us with something precious, then we are not just obliged, but duty bound, to complete the work with efficiency, professionalism and, most importantly, care. We stand by our tech and our people, because you deserve the best service. Our lab is the best in the business and allows our team to work in a place where the only priority is fixing your storage device.

No data. No charge – We will do everything we can to restore your data. We have decades of experience at our backs and we understand the tech we’re working with. But in the rare case that retrieval is not possible, there is no charge for the work we did.

Our quality is high. Not our prices – We offer the lowest prices in the industry. That’s not because we cut corners or because we don’t offer as much. We charge less because our customers don’t deserve to be gouged. Over the years, we have been on the receiving end of some rough situations and the person asking for our services would have paid a fortune for what they couldn’t access. But that’s not how we do things. You don’t become an industry leader by going for a quick buck. You become an industry leader by doing what’s right and putting your customers first. We can restore most hard drives for right around $850. Solid State Drives usually start at $1,000. 

But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from people we’ve had the honor of serving.

With Data Recovery 47, we believe that your data is our top priority. Call us any time of the day or night to see how DR47 can restore your data and return peace of mind to your life.

Dangers of Ransomware, Data Recovery NYC.

Dangers of Ransomware, what you need to know.

As the world focuses on the dangers of the Coronavirus, the viruses that attack computer systems still present a significant threat. With more people staying at home, it is possible that the number of hack attempts will rise. This is because hackers may see an opportunity to infiltrate home computers and mobile devices to obtain financial and personal information. 

Of the several tools that hackers can use, one of the most sinister is ransomware. This has been growing in popularity in recent years and may explode thanks to more people staying at home and using their personal computing devices. 

What is Ransomware? 

This is a form of malware, a common network worm or computer virus, that is more advanced and structured to encrypt data so the owner cannot access it. Unless the ransom is paid, which often ranges from one to ten Bitcoins depending on the program, it is quite difficult to gain access to the data. Hackers will often put a set time limit for the ransom to be paid. Otherwise, the price goes up or the now encrypted data is destroyed. 

Types of Ransomware

There are several types of ransomware, although the most common are programs that encrypt data. Other types include the following. 

Cryptoware: An encryption program that demands payment to decrypt data 

Locker: This locks down files and demands payment for the data to be released

IoT: Accesses IoT devices to make them inaccessible to the owner. 

Scareware: Infects systems with pop-up messages stating it is infected. When you pay for the antivirus, it removes the pop-up messages 

There is also ransomware that attacks mobile devices such as Android. It locks the smartphone until you pay the money to have it returned. 

How is Ransomware Transmitted?

The methods for transmitting ransomware are similar to standard malware and computer viruses. The most common means are the following. 

Malicious websites

Corrupted links in emails

Downloading files from unknown senders

Outdated and pirated software installations

Free software available for download, including games, screensavers, and the like 

While the most well-known method is accessing PCs that are online, many ransomware attacks are conducted using one or more of the mentioned methods. 

How to Fight Ransomware

The first step is to not pay the ransom. There are ways of dealing with this malware without having to give them your money. 

Identify & Eliminate: There are software programs such as ID Ransomware that can identify the specific malware and recommend recovery options. 

Disconnect Device: If you disconnect early enough, you may be able to stop the ransomware from infiltrating your computer. You will need to disconnect at the first sign of trouble. 

Get Professional Help: If the ransomware has taken hold of your computer, take a photo of the screen and call a Data Recovery NYC company. They may be able to identify the type of ransomware used and help you eliminate the issue. You may have to use data recovery software or take the device to the shop. 

Either way, a professional Data Recovery NYC company can certainly help. It also helps if you backup your data so the information that is seized can still be accessed by another source. 

Corona Virus And Computers , Data Recovery NYC.

How the Coronavirus Spread to Computers 

The impact of the Coronavirus around the world has been devastating. The most dangerous pandemic in our lifetimes has affected people around the world. But as it continues to spread among the population, the effects of the virus are also appearing in computers making you need data recovery NYC. Although the virus itself may be limited to humans and mammals, there has been malware discovered that disguises itself as legitimate information about the Coronavirus. 

First discovered in Japan, this new form of malware has been tricking people into opening emails that have in turn sabotaged their computer systems. It’s an old tactic, but one that has gained a new approach thanks to the Coronavirus and people’s desire for more information. 

If your computer has been compromised by a computer virus, malware, or other issues that prevents you from retrieving your files, the professionals at Data Recovery NYC are here to help. They provide the best in data retrieval services when you can no longer access your computer, laptop, mobile or digital storage device.

How the Malware Started

Interestingly enough, the spam emails that carry this new form of malware have originated from China, the same source as the Coronavirus itself. The first country to open such emails was Japan, but the malware has spread around the world thanks in large part to growing interest of information about the Coronavirus. 

Researchers at Kasperky along with the IBM X-Force have researched the situation, concluding that the emails contain a computer virus known as Emotet. This type of malware comes in the form of an attachment, usually an audio or video file that comes with the email. The deceptive part is the title of the email promises important information about the Coronavirus. 

However, the result of opening the email usually mean infecting your device to obtain valuable contact information that is being stored. The Emotet malware has been around for a while, starting out as a banking Trojan. But it has been modified to install codes that bring a virus to your mobile or computing device. 

How to Stop the Malware

The short answer is that you should never open emails from anyone that you do not know. Any emails from sources you do not know, even if they promise valuable information, should be deleted right away. As long as you never open the email, you are safe from the malware. 

It’s also important to share this information among your co-workers, friends, and family so they do not fall for this trick. The more people know, the less likely the malware will be opened. 

If you have opened an email that promised information on the Coronavirus, only to see your smartphone, tablet, or computer infected with malware instead, you can turn to the professionals at Data Recovery NYC. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to retrieve your lost data, even if the device itself has been damaged. Call or contact Data Recovery NYC today for more information on how you can get back your lost files. 

SanDisk Data Recovery NYC

SanDisk Data Recovery NYC

If you have lost files from a SanDisk SD card, it is possible to get them back. There are different methods available, but you can start with recovery software designed to retrieve lost files on a SanDisk SD card. Your chances of SanDisk data recovery NYC will depend in large part on the reasons why the files were lost in the first place. 


Accidentally Deleting the File: This is probably the most common reason that a file is lost. For a SanDisk SD card, the problem is worse because deleted files do not go to the Recycle Bin on the computer. This prevents a simple recovery from occurring. 

Corruption of Files: When the memory is corrupted, you can lose the files quickly. 

Formatting: This is another common reason why files are lost. Be sure to check the disk before you reformat. 

Improper Use: Pulling the SD card from a digital camera while it is still on or removing the disk from a computer without clicking the Safety Removal Hardware feature. 

Other causes such as computer virus, bad sectors of memory, or physical damage to the disk can prevent you from recovering the files. 

Recovering the Files 

You can start by using a good SanDisk data recovery NYC software program to scan the card itself. This is especially true in cases of accidental deletion or formatting. This is because the data is usually still present, but it is inaccessible by normal means. The data recovery software allows you to get at files that otherwise would be permanently deleted. 


There are ways to minimize the risk of losing the data on a SanDisk SD card. The first is checking the card before formatting so you know what is on the card and what needs to be saved.

Avoid Chkdsk: This will fix corrupted file systems and is not designed to retrieve files. This means that you might damage the directory system inside the SD card which will not allow you to access the files. 

Overwriting: If you sense that you might be overwriting files, that is the time to stop using the disk. Once the card is full, stop, replace it, and then continue to take more photos or store data. 

Recovery Software: Just as you need the right tool for the job, so too do you need the right data recovery software to retrieve the lost information. Recovery software that is available commercially should be designed to retrieve data from SanDisk SD cards. Be sure to check them out before using them. 

Of course, backing up your files is the best way to keep them protected. Using the storage on your computer, external hard drive, or using an online storage system will keep a copy of your files ready for use. 

If you find that SanDisk data recovery NYC software does not do the job. Or if the SD card is damaged and does not allow for accessing, you should contact a professional data recovery company. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools available, so you have the best chance of having your lost files recovered from a SanDisk SD card. 

SD Card Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

If you are trying to recover data that has been lost from your SD card data recovery, there are certain methods you can try to get the files back. From lost photos to corrupted memory files, there are programs and techniques that can be used to restore the information. 

Getting Back Photos

Accidental deletion or formatting the SD card before recovering the files can be pretty bad if you have not backed them up. Photos can be lost for the following reasons.

Accidental deletion or formatting

Corruption of files

Compatibility issues

Virus or malware attack

Physical damage to the SD card 

In the case of accidental deletion, you stand the best chance of getting your photos back. This is because the file is usually still present on the SD card, it’s just not accessible through normal means. An SD recovery software program allows for retrieval of files, including photos, without damaging the data on the SD card data recovery. You can find both free and paid versions online, but even some of the paid version have a free trial to help you get back some of your photos.

Using Free or Paid Software

You should choose a reputable recovery software program and download it to your computer. For files that have been accidentally deleted, you should do the following steps once you have downloaded and installed the recovery program. Beware of software and read this first before downloading any softwares.

Connect SD card to your computer

Launch recovery program & choose “Recover Files”

Select SD card as the target

Software will scan the SD card

Recover the photos that the program has discovered 

It generally works the same for files that have been lost due to formatting. There may be some differences depending on the program that you choose. The same is true for corrupted files, although depending on the level of corruption the software program may be less successful. Again, check the software recovery program that you have downloaded for further information. 

A good rule of thumb is to always copy and paste photos from your SD card to your computer, external drive, or online storage when you get the chance. But if something happens to the files before you can back them up, there are software programs that may help. 

Professional Assistance

For photos and data that has been lost due to virus or malware attack, corruption of the files, or physical damage to the card, then the free and paid software programs found online may not be enough. You will need to turn to another source to get them back. 

If the files you have lost are vital to your business or personal life, then contacting a professional SD card data recovery service is the best answer. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job. A reputable data recovery company offers the best chance to recover your lost photos, files, and data. Although no company can guarantee 100% recovery, the best chance you have of getting back your files starts with the professionals.