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is the largest of the five boroughs in New York City. Located on the eastern
side next to Brooklyn, Long Island, and Nassau County, Queens is second only to
Brooklyn in terms of population with about 2.4 million people living inside the

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first known European settlement in the area occurred in 1635, which was
followed by other settlements that were mostly English but abided by Dutch law
until 1664 when the English took over control. Queens was formally established
in 1683, making it one of the original counties in the colony of New York. The
name itself appears to be in honor of Catherine of Braganza, the Princess of
Portugal, along with the Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

the most prominent role that Queens played in the forming of the United States
was the Flushing Remonstrace, considered a forerunner to the US Constitution
written over 100 years later. By 1898, Queens was incorporated into the city of
New York and over the centuries, the borough has thrived thanks to its
location, cultural diversity, and the determination of its residents. 


most standards, Queens is considered the most ethnically diverse urban area in
the entire world. It also has one of the most diverse economies thanks in large
part to the easy access granted by both JFK and LaGuardia Airports. Plus,
Queens offers several sports venues, including Citi Field, Aqueduct Racetrack,
the UTSA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, along with Silvercup and
Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Queens is more than the sum of its venues, it is a thriving, vibrant borough
that represents the best of New York. From the hosting of the World’s
Fair in 1939, where the United Nations building now stands, to its vibrant
economy, Queens is always about looking forward towards the next challenge,
which is why its residents love living there so much.

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