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after the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, this town of nearly 20,000
residents is located on the Mohawk River, mostly on the north bank. The south
bank consists of Port Jackson which is also part of the city. For those living
in Amsterdam, the city offers plenty of history, attractions, and is a great
place to live.

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the area was inhabited for many centuries by local native tribes, the first
Europeans to settle were Dutch immigrants around 1710. The town was originally
named after Albert Veeders, who operated a mill in the town. However, by the
end of the Revolutionary War, the town was renamed Amsterdam. One of the oldest
structures remaining from the original settlement is a mansion built in 1773
which is now called Guy Park.

town grew slowly after the war until 1825 when the Erie Canal was completed. That
brought about a massive economic boom which resulted in Amsterdam becoming a
manufacturing center. The most notable product was carpets which became quite
popular. The growth in population attracted many immigrants from Europe. The
town was incorporated in 1830 and by 1885, Amsterdam officially became a city.

20th century saw a drop in manufacturing, but the population
continues to grow thanks to the diverse economy.

Amsterdam Today

city offers several attractions, starting with the former National Guard Armory
which is now called Amsterdam Castle. The Amsterdam Mohawks are part of the
Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League and play in Shuttleworth Park.

of the most stunning sites is the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook, a pedestrian
bridge that crosses the Mohawk River, connecting the downtown area with
Riverlink Park, which is located on the north shore. The city is home to an
excellent public school system, a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones,
and several activities and events throughout the year that residents look
forward to participating. 

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