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Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC

Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC

Hard Drive Failure, Hard Drive Recovery NYC

One of the most common issues that computers and laptops face is hard drive failure and needing hard drive recovery NYC. While it is quite frustrating, it is also one of the easiest to identify. If you believe your hard drive has failed, shut off the system and contact a professional data recovery NYC service. All data recovery services offer free consultation which means you can get an idea of what might be troubling the hard drive. 

While you probably will have to take the hard drive to the recovery service shop, if your hard drive has yet to fail there are ways to spot trouble on the horizon. It helps to know the specific reasons why hard drives tends to fail, the warning signs that precede a potential failure, and what to do before it crashes so you don’t need hard drive recovery NYC


A hard drive disk (HDD) works on a spindle and platter which is similar to an old-fashioned record player. Because the HDD consists of moving parts, at some point all hard drives will fail or require replacement of the parts. The same is true for solid state drives (SSD) which uses an electrical cell to store memory. Both the HDD and SSD can fail for the same reason.

Mechanical Failure: While the HDD can wear our or lose precision thanks to heavy use or its age, the SSD can also fail when the blocks used to store the memory wear out as well. Other common causes of failure include but are not limited to the following. 

Too Much Heat

Exposure to Water 

Static Electricity, Power Surge, or Lightning


High Magnetic Fields 

Keep in mind that external hard drives can also fail for the same reasons. While they are generally built to be tougher because they are exposed, they can also fail due to impact, water exposure, or too much power going through the system. 

Warning Signs

If you do not have a SMART system to warn you of the hard drive about ready to collapse, there are other warning signs as well. 

Crashing Computer: It will show the proverbial “Blue Screen of Death”

Error Messages: Usually when moving or copying files

Missing Files: Often for no discernable reason

Long Access Time: It takes forever to find a file

Unusual Noise: Grinding, scraping, or clicking noises are quite common

What to Do

If your computer experiences any of these symptoms, you need to shut it down right away. This is especially true if the computer has not crashed yet. It’s considerably easier to get the hard drive fixed and retrieve the information before it crashes rather than afterwards. However, a good data recovery service will be able to get the information from the hard drive under most circumstances.

The best thing you can do is back up the information on the hard drive at regular intervals. At least then if the hard drive crashes, you still have access to the data that was stored. At that point, call a reputable hard drive recovery NYC service company and proceed from there. 

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