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SD Recovery

SD Recovery

SD Recovery

At Data Recovery 47, one of our areas of expertise is performing an SD recovery on SD cards that are experiencing a failure in one way or another.

An SD card is a small flash memory card that is capable of storing files, pictures, documents and other forms of computer memory in a compact fashion. Often used in portable devices, such as laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, camcorders and audio players, an SD card presents a light and convenient way to preserve extra memory that goes beyond the capability of the device alone.

SD memory cards are available in multiple storage option capabilities, with sizes of memory storage often ranging from one megabyte to two gigabytes. An extra-large SD card may have a capacity of up to four gigabytes in storage size. There is also a smaller version of an SD card, called a microSD card, which holds less data than the standard size, but can fit in even smaller devices. These are a convenient option for someone who requires a small amount of extra data storage, or someone who needs to transfer files quickly and easily on a temporary basis from one device to another. The microSD card can be wiped after each use in this case, so there is a maximum amount of storage the next time you would like to transfer files. Standard size SD cards weigh approximately two grams and are about an inch long.

SD cards are used by inserting the card into the designated slot for SD memory cards, which is often found on the side of the device. If your card is experiencing a failure, the device may do one of several things when the card is inserted:

-Not recognize the SD card

-State that the card is empty, or has no files

-State that the files are corrupted and/or inaccessible

At Data Recovery 47, an SD recovery is a simple and standard process for our team of professional recovery experts. SD cards are delicate and fragile, which often results in malfunctioning, and at DR47, we are well equipped using the latest technology to restore these cards to their original functionality, with all of your files intact.

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