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Reasons Why You Need Data Recovery Services

We all know that data is valuable and irreplaceable. A lot of people don’t take the time to make backups because they feel it’s too difficult or time-consuming. But, when you’re hit with a sudden hard drive failure, it can be devastating! You need to make sure you have a backup plan in place, and it should involve data recovery services.

Sometimes your hard drive will just randomly crash for no apparent reason. Sometimes you might delete something by accident and not realize how important it was until later on. It happens to everyone, so here are ten reasons why data recovery services are worth the investment.

The Value of Data

Data is valuable, and it’s important to keep it safe. You might not realize how much you rely on your computer and the data stored on it until you need a backup plan or file recovery service.

When your hard drive crashes, everything from your family photos to your professional documents can be lost forever.  It’s like losing an object that carries a lot of sentimental value: you’ll feel devastated for months! That’s why investing in a data recovery service is worth the investment. Whether you accidentally deleted a document or your hard drive simply crashed, there are professionals who can get all of that precious data back for you–at least in some cases.

If you don’t have any backups of your data, then these professionals are doing you a favor by saving all of those memories that would have been lost otherwise.

What to do When Your Hard Drive Crashes?

Your hard drive crashes and you lose all your data. Now what? What do you do when your hard drive crashes? If your computer is one of those that came with a backup, you’re in luck. If not, then you need to use data recovery services. There are many different ways that your data can get lost or deleted, but the main way is through a hard drive crash.

If your hard drive crashed for some unknown reason, it might be due to a virus or malware attack on your computer. In other cases, it could be because of hardware failure. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that you have a backup plan in place before anything happens to your computer.

Why you need data recovery services?


If your hard drive crashes, you might panic and not know what to do. It’s important that you take a deep breath and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. In the event your hard drive crashes and is unrecoverable, data recovery services can help you recover all of your lost data– fast! A lot of people believe that if their hard drive crashes, then it’s gone for good. But that’s not always the case! Data recovery services aren’t going to be able to work miracles, but they will do everything they can to retrieve any information on your hard drive. The sooner you call them after the crash, the better their chances are of retrieving some data from your hard drive.


Data Recovery Services are Accurate. Data recovery services provide a no-cost consultation to help you determine if your hard drive can be salvaged. This service is 100% accurate and will tell you, for sure, whether or not your data can be retrieved.

If you don’t get in touch with a data recovery service right away, it might already be too late. Your hard drive could have been formatted and new files could have been saved on the hard drive. At this point, there’s nothing that can be done.

But, never fear! If you call in a professional data recovery service they will take the time to analyze your hard drive and assess what might still be retrievable.


You never know when your hard drive will fail. That’s why you need to be prepared. You never know when you might delete something important without realizing it.

Digital data isn’t as durable as some people might think. It can deteriorate in a matter of years, even if it is just sitting on your hard drive. But, if you contract with a data recovery company, they will make sure all the data from your hard drive is safe and sound – no matter what happens to it in the future.


We’ve all experienced the pain of a hard drive crash. It can be really frustrating, especially when you realize that your most important files were deleted. You might not have been able to save those files if they were on a desktop computer. But, with data recovery services, you don’t need to worry. Data recovery services will retrieve lost and deleted files whenever possible. This is such an important service because it saves people time and energy when their hard drives are corrupted or deleted by mistake.

Storage Capacity

People don’t realize how little storage space they have on their hard drives. When you store a file, it takes up space. For example, if you have a 64GB flash drive and need to save a 3-minute video, it will take up about 17.5GB of data. If you save 5 photos that are 1MB in size each, that is another 5MB of data.

If your hard drive crashes, all the space will be filled up and there won’t be any room for anything new to be saved. Data recovery services can recover what’s left and free up your hard drive.


You never know when you’re going to lose your data. When it does happen, the last thing you want to do is deal with the hassle of finding a repair shop for your hard drive. You can avoid all of that with data recovery services, which will have someone come to your home or business and retrieve your data within an hour.


Data recovery services are flexible. If you have an office that has a lot of employees and equipment, you can have the data recovery service come to your business and work on it there. It’s a lot less disruptive for your company than if you had to wait for them to come to your home.

In-house Repair/Troubleshooting

If you have a data recovery service and need to access your hard drive for any reason, you can send it in for repair. They will take care of any damage and recover the data for you. The downside is that it might take time to get your hard drive back, depending on how busy they are. Sometimes, hardware repairs are more difficult than software repairs. But if you do need in-house repair, the fee will depend on the complexity of the issue.

Manhattan Data Recovery

When your hard drive fails, it can be extremely frustrating and stressful. Data on a hard drive is precious to most people, and losing it can mean losing access to irreplaceable personal photos and videos or important documents. You may not know what to do when you lose access to your data, but you don’t have to panic. The team at Manhattan Data Recovery provides data recovery services in New York City that will recover your data fast, so you can get back to using your computer or other devices as soon as possible.

How to Protect Against Ransomware: 3 Ways to Ensure Your Business is Safe

Let’s face it. Ransomware can be as scary as it sounds. Unfortunately, hackers continue to take advantage of this technique to lock you out of your devices. And once you fall prey to ransomware, you will end up paying a lot of money to decrypt your files. Something you won’t fancy doing, right?

Meanwhile, being hit with a ransomware attack should not be the end of things for you or your business. You need to know how to recover and prevent future attacks. 

Failure to learn how to protect against this type of high-tech attack exposes your business to high risks of losing millions of dollars. 

Therefore, your organization needs to understand the different ways to protect against ransomware today. Otherwise, you will be prone to becoming victims of one of the worst IT security threats of this age. 

Here are a few ways to help protect your company from a ransomware attack:

Backup is King – Never Underestimate!

A well-created backup is your number one go-to safe option in case you fall victim to an attack. Yes, before you start scratching your head on how to seek affordable data recovery services, a backup will be your readily available fallback plan.

Besides, not knowing how to backup your data correctly is out of the question. With the gradual growth of technology every day, you should be aware that ransomware attackers can easily infiltrate your backup system. They first go through your desktop and eventually find their way into your business or company’s network. 

As such, you have to ensure that you always have secure cloud backups of your data. Alternatively, a local offline storage device can also come in handy — it should be connected to your system directly.

This way, you can rest easy when an attacker demands a huge ransom worth thousands of dollars. Then, whether they choose to lock you off from accessing your data or rather destroy it completely, you know you can rely on your secure backup on another server.

Create Security Awareness in your Organization

Past and recent studies have shown that the weakest point in any organization is the human element. So, of course, if your employees are not trained on the best security practices, they become the most vulnerable factor to be exploited by hackers. 

Security should not be overlooked when budgeting for your business needs. 

Consider investing in security awareness training for your staff. This will help develop a great culture of a vigilant team that easily spots and avoids phishing emails and any malicious links. 

Install Antivirus Firewalls 

We have already mentioned the importance of training your staff on the best security practices. 

 And, to ensure you are well protected against ransomware, you can’t miss installing antivirus firewalls. 

 While there are many different firewalls on the market today, you have to ensure that you only go for the most suitable matches to your needs. Try to factor in your budget and network use when choosing.  

However, remember that none of these firewalls will guarantee 100% safety. Nonetheless, it’s still advisable to have them in place than doing without any. Lastly, never stop training your staff on the importance of having antivirus firewalls turned on every time. 

Final Thoughts

Protection is the very first step to safeguarding your data from malicious attackers. But, if you fall victim to a ransomware attack, you will undoubtedly need a ransomware virus recovery service

 You can always contact our experts for affordable data recovery services and take your protection against ransomware to the next level. 

 We are popularly known to offer the best Manhattan data recovery services. Our work speaks for itself; we don’t interfere. So give us a call today, and let’s know how we can change your story.