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Why You Should Never Open a Hard Drive Data Recovery NYC

Why You Should Never Open a Hard Drive Data Recovery NYC

Why You Should Never Open a Hard Drive Data Recovery NYC

There is a natural tendency to fix things yourself when it is possible. The motivation to do so is not just the money you will save, but the satisfaction of knowing that you can take care of the issue without any assistance not needing data recovery NYC. However, there are certain things that you should never try to fix at home and one of them involves opening up the hard drive. 

Bottom line, removing the cover from a hard drive is about the worst thing you can do if your goal is to repair the issue. The complications from just removing the cover alone in a standard home environment are considerable even if you do not take any other steps. What follows are the reasons why you should leave hard drive repairs to the professionals of data recovery NYC


When you remove the cover of a hard drive, you are exposing the disc to the dust in the air. Even if you clean your home regularly, there are still a considerable number of dust particles that can settle on the exposed disk of the hard drive unit. Just the presence of dust alone on the disk may prevent it from being read properly which means the information may be trapped. 


Touching the platters is often worse than having dust settle on them. Touching means applying pressure, leaving behind dirt and oils from your fingers, or altering the way the platters sit inside the drive. In any event, touching the disk or platters is never good. 

Case Screws

Simply changing the torque settings of the case screws that hold the hard drive together may cause it not to operate properly. This is because the pressure that the case places on the unit itself may alter how the platters spin inside the unit. The result is that the computer itself may not even detect the hard drive at all depending on how much change has occurred. 

What Should You Do?

If you suspect that your hard drive is about to crash, the best course of action is to take the unit to a reputable computer repair center. The professionals at the center have the tools, equipment, and work in the proper environment to repair hard drives the right way. This means that they have rooms that are as free of dust as possible, use the right tools to open and close the hard drive correctly and minimize touching the platters to ensure that all the data is preserved. 

Of course, you should always back up the data stored on the hard drive either with a separate drive or using an online storage system. That way, in case the hard drive fails you still have access to the information. 

If your hard drive has crashed and you need the information pulled, then you should trust a qualified data recovery NYC center. By having the professionals retrieve your data, you stand the best chance of having it fully returned. While there are no guarantees that all data might be recovered, you can maximize your chances by going with the knowledgeable, experienced professionals.  

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